LEGO Poptropica

Passing the legendary brick-built torch

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a little tidbit of news from the Creators’ Blog. The Creators have officially announced that the Poptropica LEGO set has been…

TURNED DOWN FOR WHAT *cue bass drop and people smashing flower pots*

But all jokes aside, the Creators have passed the brick-built torch onto none other than TheFastComet’s Legendary Swords LEGO CUUSOO project, which can be seen below. You can also see more details and descriptions on his official LEGO ideas page.

This set is amazing in my opinion, and at least now we have confirmation that the Creators’ own Dr. Hare LEGO set has been canned, although the PHB did report this finding at least four months ago. Now we have this one to root for! Stay popping, Poptropicans.

10 thoughts on “Passing the legendary brick-built torch”

  1. That stinks……. I was looking forward to seeing how big poptropica could get, going to Legos and all. I’ve been playing poptropica since there were only like two or three islands (but I’ve made like twelve accounts and ten I’ve forgotten so my account isn’t that old lol) but it’s cool how they tried to reach out to possible new players through Legos

    I love the legendary swords idea!!

    1. It was a little pun made by me, instead of “the set has been turned down,” it was “the set has been TURNED DOWN FOR WHAT”

  2. I love it, but this set could be turned down if it was only made by a player…

    ~~Sent from my iPhone c:


    1. yeah and it might not have the poptropica logo on it since it wasnt made by poptropica… you know?

      1. Yeah, I mean Poptropica Terms & Conditions probably have something against this, right?

  3. Cool! I really like this idea and but drhare one better! (Btw, i love regular show too regular show lover!!!)

  4. whoops! Take off the “and” in the 2nd sentence!^ My post didnt really make sense!^ Sry guys!

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