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Poptropican Portraits: details for the season 1 finale livestream

Hi Gs,

As stated recently, I’m going to be hosting a livestream as a finale for season 1 of Poptropican Portraits — and the details are decided! This event also coincides with the PHB’s Poptropica party this Saturday for our recent milestone of 12 million hits, so we hope you can make it for a couple hours of fun on the PHC, Poptropica, and Google+! 😀


The livestream and Poptropica party will be on the 14th of June (3 days from now), and will start at 4pm EST, ending at 6pm EST. The reason for the extra hour is because this livestream will be a little different than the rest — I’m going to be drawing 4 of the creators in real life as Poptropicans!

As for special guests, yes there will be two of them. Because I’m not going to be drawing Poptropicans from the community, there’s no username form, but you can vote below to choose the 4 Poptropica Creators you want to be seen drawn! You’ll find the livestream here when the time comes. 😛

Again, this will be happening along with the PHB’s Poptropica party for our dozen million hits, so come out to watch the Poptropican Portraits livestream on Google+ as well as chat with Poptropicans on the PHC and hang out in Multiverse rooms!


I’ll see you there! 🙂



16 thoughts on “Poptropican Portraits: details for the season 1 finale livestream”

  1. Oh my goodness Tracy West is a creator? She’s medusa? She wrote a Club Penguin book, the poptropica island guide, and I THINK she wrote a Scooby doo book. Creator/author/Poptropican/gorgon XD

    1. Considering that I’m only drawing Creators, that’s unlikely — but I’ll be drawing regular Poptropicans in later livestreams, so don’t worry. 🙂

  2. What do you mean by multiverses?Can you say which multiverse/common room you’ll be in?(Im very sad about Samwo5 since he was my favorite creator

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