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Spring sale, Mythology on app, & misplaced vent blueprint

Hey Poptropicans! The Poptropica Shop is having a spring sale this weekend, and you can get 30% off any purchase of custom Poptropica t-shirts/sweatshirts by entering the code SPRING30 at checkout! (Note: these shirts currently only ship if you’re within the U.S.!)


And OMZ (which I imagine can only mean oh my Zeus), did you hear? Mythology Island has been added to the Poptropica mobile app, which is available on all iOS devices! It’s the same as the online version, so if you need a walkthrough, check out the PHB’s Mythology Island Guide!


Android users, there’s some good news – according to the official Poptropica Twitter, the Poptropica mobile app will be available on Google Play around July, which is only a couple months away!

googleplay julyish

Also, there’s been a strange glitch with the inventory (thanks to KeithSammut for pointing this out!) – the “Vent Blueprint”, which belongs in the 24 Carrot items, can be found among your Shark Tooth items! What’s up with that? 😛


Anyway, don’t forget that the PHB magazine (now known as POPCORN) is looking for creative Poptropica fan stories, artwork, fashion, island ideas, and more for its next issue, which is coming June 1st! Check out the Magazines page for more details, and remember to email all entries to phbpopcorn(at)! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Spring sale, Mythology on app, & misplaced vent blueprint”

  1. Yesss! Poptropica is coming to Android devices in July! Can’t wait! The Photon thing doesn’t work for me, plus the free version has dozens of ads that pop up every three seconds. :c

  2. wow! rare discovery by KiethSammut! (by the way Keith can u put on a REALLY rare costume on poptropica? That would be cool to have you has a friend!)

  3. Woah! Today when I went to the poptropica store,the costumes were mixed up! The burger had that hat with a mask from another costume,the geisha had those weird blue lips,the french fries had the mythology surfer board,etc…

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