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The elusive iPad handheld: how it came to be, and how I’m going to put the rumors to rest (UPDATED)

Blake tab

What’s popping, Poptropicans? I just wanted to pop in to say, there is no promo code for the iPad handheld – because it comes from an ad.

Those who have been lucky to get it (including myself & Poptropica blogger Nameless UnDEFiNed) have reported that it was obtained from watching a video ad on a non-SUI (islands without sound), such as Skullduggery. You can friend me (Blake) at mickety2 to see proof, or check out the picture to the right. (update: it’s no longer in my hand, but the picture should be proof enough!)

But now the plot thickens — another Poptropican, H.C.M, reports that he emailed Poptropica asking about the tablet handheld and was told it didn’t exist, completely contradicting the evidence above. Here’s the reply he got (but was it faked? the link to the Creators’ Blog is wrong):

doesn't exist

(Hey, at least the PHB was referenced – kind of!) In addition to the above proof, Nameless notes that the SWF for the tablet handheld is uploaded on Poptropica’s servers, meaning the item has definitely been created. The item has since disappeared from my inventory, although I still retain the tablet in my Poptropican’s hand. (update: it’s gone; see above)


Remember what happened with the Virus Hunter Island promo game, Nano-Combat Training? Brave Tomato discovered it in the Store early, and there was even an ad for it on the homepage, but it was pulled down for a while before it came back for real again. If this situation is anything like that, then maybe the Creators are just denying their mistake of accidentally releasing it early and are possibly planning to bring it back at a later date. I certainly hope so, at least! 😛

Also, HP has found the video stand for the card in Poptropica’s files! Here’s what it looks like:


However, the comments have told me that this ad is no longer available, and has been replaced by the Dragons: Defenders of Berk ad. Hopefully we’ll see it return soon…

41 thoughts on “The elusive iPad handheld: how it came to be, and how I’m going to put the rumors to rest (UPDATED)”

      1. My cousin still has it… **Shrugs** I dunno, but it is real… Maybe it’s under construction?

      1. it works . my friend made an account at my house and saw it. it worked for me to !

    1. Yeah, just the old Islands. It will NOT work on NFI’s. (Also, the Ad was removed from the older Islands, but hopefully they’ll be back soon c: )

  1. Blake to tell you truth that thing does not work right now I found the ad and does not work.

    1. Yeah, this is pretty confusing. I mean it has an SWF, but doesn’t exist? It doesn’t exist, but people have it? It’s in people’s inventory then disappears? Seriously? This is weird…

      1. I think it was in the Inventory, and obtained, on accident… Remember when that Virus Hunter mini-game was in the Store before it was supposed to be? I think it’s like that…

      2. If it is like the Virus hunter mini game, then maybe it will be released sometime in the future. 😉 Looking forward to it, if it is! 🙂

    2. Now that is strange – looks like there’s more to the whole tablet handheld story than originally thought. 😛 I’ve updated Blake’s post above to add in all these new findings/theories. 🙂

      1. We need like a page or something for this, like we did with MCI :p

        Slanted Fish: MCI was a mystery for 6 years, but the tablet handheld story has mostly been covered in this post. 😛

    1. Yeah, you can’t get it from there… As I said, it was removed, hopefully just until official release…

  2. i think i didnt get that thing cause i was just playing some islands for a reason 🙂

    1. I think the letter was faked…..If she got the link wrong and I get emails from the Poptropica’s management and I never get any that are like that. And the management mentioning the PHB is really rare and I’m sure even if they did mention us they would capitalize “help: Help” So I think the pic was faked.

    2. It’s possible to fake it, but I’m not sure whether this one is or isn’t. The Creators’ blog link is wrong, but maybe it was an honest mistake? When you contact Poptropica support, you do get an email like that; with the green bar and timestamp.

      The Creators do know about this blog; they’ve said that they like to check fansites and they’ve even referenced the PHB before. (Unfortunately the post has since been taken down, but you can view it with the Wayback Machine here. It was referring to this.) Also, it says “a Poptropica help blog”, not “the”, so they didn’t refer to the PHB as a proper noun (hence the non-capitalization), but rather, help blogs for Poptropica in general. Whether we know if it’s real or not depends on HCM’s honesty, since that’s where the email screenshot came from.

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