Ads – Dragons: Defenders of Berk & The Pirate Fairy

Hey Poptropicans, there are a couple of new ads on Poptropica’s Main Streets right now! On Monster Carnival, I found this video ad for Dragons: Defenders of Berk, a TV series now on DVD, based on the film How to Train Your Dragon. Watching the video gives you the Terrible Terror Follower.


Also, on Mocktropica, there’s an ad building with a game for Disney’s The Pirate Fairy, a new Tinker Bell movie coming to Blu-ray and Digital HD April 1. Anyway, head inside and you’ll find out that all the fairies have lost their powers. You’ll be sent to sneak around on a pirate ship, and every time you see a pirate, you’ll need to click on Tinker Bell to blast themΒ away. At the bottom of the ship, you’ll find the thieves who stole the blue fairy dust, and you’ll win two prizes.

From the Pirate Fairy ad, you’ll win an unnamed power (which simply advertises the movie on your screen) and an untitled costume. I think the dragon follower from the other ad was cooler… πŸ˜›


Anyway, enjoy the prizes! πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “Ads – Dragons: Defenders of Berk & The Pirate Fairy”

  1. Wait, why are they making the ad for the dragons for the season finale? Why not the first episode, that came out like a year ago…?

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