The PHB 11 Million: Monster Raffle!

UPDATE: The raffle winners have been announced! Click here for the post!

Hey everyone! As you may have heard, the PHB just recently reached 11 million hits! We’re going to be having a party on the PHC & Poptropica this Saturday to celebrate, and you’re invited! The party has since ended, but you can read our recap here. However, there’s still a chance for you to enter our Monster Raffle!


That’s right! Along with the upcoming party we had, we’re also hosting an 11 Million Monsters Raffle! Long ago – 10 million hits ago, in fact – the PHB held a giveaway of rare monster costumes in celebration of our first one million hits. The prizes were leaked Monster Carnival costumes, and you can learn more about the contest here.

Now that Monster Carnival is finally a reality, it’s time to have another giveaway — this time with rare costumes from the island, complete with parts you thought were uncustomizable! We’ll be raffling off 11 Monster Carnival costumes (see below) for our 11 million hits!


The deadline to enter the raffle will be April 4, 2014 at 11:59 PM CST. To enter, just leave a comment right here on this post telling us something special about you and the PHB, like what your favorite page is or how long you’ve been a regular reader of the blog. Also, tell us if there’s a costume you prefer from the above and please leave a like on the post, it shows you appreciate!

We will pick eleven lucky winners completely by random and email you the account info of the rare costume, so make sure you enter a valid email address in the email field (not in the comment field, so it won’t show to the public)! Good luck – you may hear from us soon…

-the PHB team


79 thoughts on “The PHB 11 Million: Monster Raffle!”

  1. Here is my story first of all a friend present me a game called Poptropica and when I played it for week it was getting interesting and I realize I need help in the island.I searched up any blog with walk-through and I found Poptropica Help Blog. When I read the blog it was best site I ever read including author of this blog who post amazing thing include have million hit party. And right now I really like from this blog it getting more better when HPuterPop make live stream and About Samwow5 when he creates party and much more. And by the author of PHB. Thank you give us nice news to us.
    ~♬The Faithful Cool Octopus♬

    1. Oh and I’ve been reading this blog for 2 Years now, My favorite page has to be Everything on here, This is a really neat blog and i have to give you credit for Everything ;D
      And i think the PHB is special because it helps me out with everything, Again i would like to get the Goblin Costume if i win, 😛
      Much love, Dylan~

      1. I totally Love this blog.It helps me get through all my islands!!!!!!! !!!!!!!:-)
        🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Thank you guys !!!!!!! 🙂 p.s. was kind of scared at your april fools joke LOL totally fooled me!!!! (BE HAPPY !!!!!!!! 🙂 )

  2. My favorite page on the PHB is the Cool Stuff page because it has had stuff I didn’t know about, and it has some pretty cool stuff.
    The costume I want most is the Goblin Monster one.

  3. OK,so I haven’t been on the PHB for long,I have found out about it this year.i was just looking for store card codes and stuff when I came across it,and I’ve been reading the PHB ever since.Well,I can’t really choose my favorite part of The PHB. I luv it,but you can say the Cheats,Codes,and Glitches+The costumes sections are the best ones yet,not to mention the walkthroughs,of course.Also,I like the PHB staff( they make this blog awesome).As for the above costumes,i like the boy with Icecream,but I’m a girl so LOL,I can’t take it (but I would do if it was the same thing but with a ponytail and a black skirt) 🙂 😀

  4. You can see my email in the comments… I don’t really want to post it.

    I’d like to enter btw xD

    I’ve been reading PHB for around a year I think… I used to read it all the time before that, then I wasn’t playing pop for a while and I wasn’t reading anymore.

    And I’ll like the post as soon as I’m on my tablet xD

    ~~ I like milkshakes… 🍦🍨


  5. I like this blog very much, I always use your guides to help me on the islands when I’m stuck on an island. Also, I find all the posts very interesting and I’ve been reading this blog for maybe 1-2 years but I don’t comment very much.

  6. Hola, amigos! I’m Angry Wing, I love the PHB, and had been a reader for several years before getting the opportunity to be an author (yay!). Unfortunately, outside obligations have prevented me from being as faithful an author as I’d like, but that’ll change. My favorite part of the blog is the Chat, I love visiting with all the readers and other authors. My favorite costume above is the kid with the ice cream.Actually, forget the kid, I just want ice cream 🙂 Anyway, that’s it; I’m going to go get some real ice cream.

  7. Ive been with the phb since the beginning, although I havent been active until last year, and havent commented at all until last year as well. My favorite page is the “behind the scenes page” because I contributed to finding the sneak peak in advanced on it, and, I see how I might have helped with some other tiny details, although not really.
    I like finding hidden stuff’s! – Id prefer the ringmaster please!

  8. Here’s my story-
    When I was eight, I was obsessed with doing cheat codes on Poptropica. So I looked up, “poptropica cheat codes” on my search engine, and a link popped up to your Cheat Codes page. I clicked the link, and I was in cheat code heaven! I absolutely loved all of your cheats! 🙂 I forgot the name of the blog & what link I clicked on, but the link remained in my memory for years, and one fateful day I decided to find that page again. I looked up cheat codes again, and I found the link, along with the awesome glitches and Easter Eggs you found! Then I looked around the page and I thought, “Wait- is there MORE poptropica stuff???” I clicked on your other tabs, saw how cool they were, and became a devoted fan! 😀
    P.S. I’d prefer the ringmaster or the guy with the ice cream.

  9. Ive been eith the phb for so long (about 3 and a half years) and my favourite (and first) post i saw was the cheat codes section yet i still LOVE the walkthroughs. I love the PHB staff (THEY’RE AWESOME!!!!)
    I would the the monster thing and if not, i wold like the rigmaster with the mask on, and if still not, i would like anything.
    And Keep on diong your good work 😉
    KEEP P
    KEEP POPPING PHB!!!!!!! 😉

  10. I have actually used the PHB for many years, but before I started blogging. I love your walkthroughs, theories, stories and your pictures. In short? I love the blog. When I was a little kid, my friends were talking about some game. I didn’t bother. Then, in tech club, a teacher introduced us. I got hooked fast. I soon became very involved with this awesome game and when I needed some help, the PHB was at the top of my list. I got membership half a year after I started (which was actually half a year after the website started) and I became even happier. I would really like the nosed ringmaster one.

  11. I didn’t wanna tipe this comment but here it goes, Back in kindergarden I didn’t have many friends.Then one day after school my big sister showed me this game called poptropica.I fell in love with it.A few days later at school I told a kid I wanna go home and play poptropica.The kid said he played that game too. We became best friends. Then once I got in around 3rd grade my big sis stopped playing pop. I was always made fun of by her like when I’d buy pop toys and books and game cards.Then in 4th grade I convinced myself that pop was lame.One day in 5th grade I was looking up monster carnival and I found this blog.I loved this blog because I could chat with peeps who love pop.My fav part of the blog is the MCI page because that’s how I found this blog.I’d prefer the monster costume!

  12. I have a weird obsession with Pigeons! I have been playing Poptropica since 2007/8, and have won the PHB Halloween costume contest 2012 (I made the Vinestein). I have been on this blog for about 2/3 years, but I have been using your guides or a while.

  13. This blog is one of my favorites. I have been going on it for as long as I have been playing Poptropica. I really like the walkthroughs, they are specific and I was able to complete over half of the islands because of this blog. I really like all the buzz and activity on this blog, I’m active on here almost every day. 😛 The Boredom Busters were super awesome as well. And I would really like the Masked Ringmaster costume.

  14. I would love to enter, I been here looking for the best guides since 2008 Thanks to you wonderful people I been finishing islands.That’s what is great about The website changes sometimes and I still love it,oh and the partys are the best (to bad i didn’t go to any.)The PHB Staff Have been helping other poptropican including me, Well I Don’t really win much but who cares right?The Updates of every island has beening alot lately, Even I’d made this account (poptropicaneatbee) too follow you and like. Thanks For reading my message. Thank you PHB staff.

  15. Here goes… OK I have been playing Poptropica for a few years and I have been using the walkthroughs for forever. I always used different ones, but the blog that kept coming back was the PHB. Since last year the PHB has been my go to and it was so fun exploring it the past few months. My favorite part of the Poptropica Help Blog is that all the staff are so nice and have really fun posts and contests and parties. My favorite page is the Behind the Scenes one because it’s very interesting. I would like either the person with the ice cream, test tube or umbrella even though I’m a girl. I really like cool hand held items. Some things about me, I love to read and my three favorite authors are Julia Golding, John Flanagan, and Eoin Colfer. One is British, one is Australian, and one is Irish. I also play piano in the school band. 🙂

  16. I will tell you my story!
    Once apoun time at KISS I was playing with my friends then mentioned poptropica. Then one day I was playing club penguin when there was this penguin named “poptropica” or something like that. That reminded me when my friend told me about poptropica. So I decided to try it. I went to poptropica’s web site and I made my account silly sword! That’s my story! 🐻

  17. I may or may not win, but still, I would like to enter. 🙂 So it all began a couple of months (or weeks; can’t remember xD ) after I join Poptropica. I needed help with some islands, so I checked out a website (not this one, though; read through my comment thoroughly before replying!). But it was kinda boring; for it only had island guides and nothing else. Then one day, I searched for something Poptropica-related and found the PHB. It had awesome island guides (AND with pictures!), cool stuff and even magazines. Since then, I viewed the PHB at least three times a day (kinda pathetic, but still, it’s the PHB!). And that’s when I met other Pop-bloggers, who were inspired to create their own blogs because of you guys. 🙂 I was inspired too, so I created my own blog. 🙂 Well, this is getting kinda off-topic ^^’ (to me), so I just wanna say: The PHB is the best blog ever and congratulations for 11 million hits! You guys deserve it. 🙂
    P/S: If I win, I’d like the Ringmaster costume (with the mask on). 😛

  18. I found the PHB somewhere in 2013, I IMMETDAILY Fell in love with it. Ever since I have been using this blog. My favorite page is the Costumes page, there is many cute looks. Good luck to everyone who enters 🙂

  19. My sister first introduced me to the PHB. But that was about, 4-5 years back, and all I remembered from then was Fishy’s old icon and the word “Hijuyo”. Oh, and my sister also said that “she was a great walkthrough-writer”.
    I stopped playing Poptropica a while after that (I really don’t know why I ever did that)
    So, years later I started playing Poptropica again (for great reasons unknown) and about a year ago, there was this Greek Mythology project in school where everyone was supposed to pick a God/Goddess and give a speech why he/she should be Mr/Ms Universe. I chose Artemis (overrated, I guess :P) and I thought “Hey, why don’t I take pics from Poptropica?”
    So from there, I discovered Super Thunder’s Blog and I liked it, and after some clicking here and there I eventually rediscovered the PHB and I remembered the fish, and the name. AND I thought the staff was pretty much FAB after looking at their blogs (I do loads of analysis when judging blogs :P). So, that’s how the story went. Sorry this is so long :/
    *takes a deep breath* I would like the kid with the ice cream tooooo 😀 That would be my first choice, but I wouldn’t mind any costume with a handheld object 🙂 ❤

  20. Okay, I’ve been on the PHB since.. I first heard about it (forgot) I love the PHB and I have alot of friends on there. I know this might seem short and sweet, but hey. The costume I am intrested in is the Ringmasster Raven nose

  21. hey. my name is bunnycheer36 (or at least my poptropican name) and i have been reading your blogs for a couple of months now, and it is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!! i really like the body bilder outfit for the girl, mostly for her hair. love you blog. peace out. (i never acyually say that.)

  22. Well, I started blogging almost a year and a half ago, and my blog started out really, really slow. I was thinking of quitting, but then I stumbled upon a link to the PHB a little after I started the blog. The PHB gave me hope, and I met so many wonderful people through here, who have always been by my side. My favourite page is definitely the chat page. I go to the PHC daily; I’ve met old authors/viewers (Hicoga, Pixel, Angry Wing, Shaggy Tornado, etc.), and I have met new authors/viewers (Blake, Smart Knuckle, etc.). All of them are great people that have a special place in my heart, and I’m honoured to be part of the PHC staff with them. The guides on the blog have helped incredibly, too, especially since you guys let me use them on my blog. I would prefer either Ringmaster costume, but any would do. I’m proud that I’m here to see the PHB reach 11,000,000 hits!!

    1. My favorite thing is from PHB is also the chat there I met people that I wanted to met like Fuzzy-B,Samwow5, Blake, Sliver Wolf, Spotted Dragon, Super Thunder,Pixel, Hputerpop,
      Nameless Undefined, Elphangor who got announced in the creator blog . etc and I got hired in his to help out which in my name you can click it to visit the blog and see what going to flip you out.

  23. I’m am kinda scared to tell this to you guys. Anyways though, Once upon a time my class was in the computer lab and she said we can play anything on the school website so everyone just looks around on the computer and clicks on this random game. I loved it. But then my love faded away for this game. I was such a bookworm back then ( and I still am now ) and I got into Diary of The Wimpy Kid series and I remember the kid telling me Jeff Kinney (the author) created poptropica. I lost a dollar. Laugh out loud. Anyways back to the story. So I was just kinda sitting there watching kids be frusturated and confused. So I think maybe I should make a account again. So I made this account and I Did this thing with my friend that she does a island for me on my account and I do a island for her then I go on the AppStore and find this app so I downloaded it and I’m like oh this is useless but then I find this news section and found the phb blog. So I just kept using it and it really helped me be a true poptropican. This experience has been so much for me and helping these friends out. Through this journey it helped me complete 7 islands and make new friends. I always think about this website being big one day and poptropica big too. You guys make me feel better when I have no friends at all. Because I know I will always have you guys. So that’s a wrap? I hope you guys have a great turn out. If I do win, may I have the girl with the hammer costume? Or any costume would be fine. If you click on my name my about me section will say my email. Once trusty tooth, always trusty tooth.


  24. Dang, is this the same site I joined so long ago? Wow, I think it is…you guys have really grown! Yikes! Anyway, if this is the same site I submitted a glitch to when I was little, then I guess I’ve been here for at least four years, maybe five…
    Jeez, I’m old… I remember when Monster Carnival Island was supposed to come out, a long time ago, but just disappeared one day. I never thought much about it until later when people started saying that it was coming BACK. Played it, thought it was pretty good 🙂

  25. Ive been reading this blog for 2 years, i have finished every single island on Poptropica. I love the costume page! I recommend this page for every single on of my friends that play Poptropica.

  26. I joined the actual game today, but I’ve been on your website for 5 months. I wanted reasons to join the actual game, but I wasn’t really interested. I then saw a few posts today and decided to try it out, finally.

    And I love it! Thanks PHB! 🙂

  27. Weeelll, Ive been on poptropica since the very begining…(i was in 2nd grade!) and I’ve loved it ever since, Im 13 now so you KNOW that Ive been in the industry for almost 7 years. SO!…. something special about me… Well, I was the lead in a play this year! LMAO and something special about the PHB, They’re walkthroughs are the BEST. and the glitch page. lol I remember submitting a santana glee- poptropican costume to the page and i was so excited to hear back! I have been and worked on this blog since the very beginning and- well.. I hope you pick mee!

    … And the costumes I prefer? ringmaster(with mask) and the goblin monster.. (duh!) But If I HAD to choose one.. ringmaster fer sure.
    Thanks for the chance!
    Magic Moon

  28. I have been using the PHB for almost 2 years. I love how you help people to get through the island they are on when they are struggling on a part. My favorite part(s) of the PHB are the walkthroughs. I love using this blog. I am truly a fan of the staff, and I love how they continuously work on the blog. I have been on poptropica since the beginning of the year, but I am very active.
    If I were to choose a costume I were to get the weight lifter w/ the bandana.

  29. Ok, so I found the PHB looking for a written walkthrough of an island (can’t remember which) a little while after I started playing (immediately after the release of Shrink Ray) and I found this blog. Then I stopped playing for a while sometime after the release of Poptropolis (the first time). Then when I came back (before Back Lot), I couldn’t find the PHB and I was incredibly disappointed. However, I found my way back and here I am!

    My favorite thing about the PHB is the people. Almost everyone is nice and respectful of the rules. Most of the comments are G rated and I feel like this is a perfectly safe website for any age. I also like that there are quite a few High-School authors. I too am in high school and I love that you guys do this and I know that this is a busy time and I hardly have time to read the PHB let alone write it. Keep up the good work guys!

    My favorite costume is the strong girl. I like her hair the best. Also the Ring Master Raven costume with the mask is awesome.

    1. Ur right, High School takes a lot out of ur life, I do a lot of schoolwork and I HATE Algebra 2 man Lol, But high school is where u think of what u wanta do in the future. I’m probably going into computer science or something close too it. :p

      1. Samwow5,to tell you about myself I am in high school but as a junior which is 11th grade but I need one more year to grade and go to college and go to college and high school is a hard work grade to be in.

  30. I started poptropica when i was pretty much 10 years old, now i’m 14 years old, Even though i’m already old for this site i prefer not to quit it poptropica is a really interesting site, and PHB even has Glitches,Cheats, Easter eggs i didn’t even know, PHB is the blog i go to when i’m struggling on a island, Thank you guys for help and Hard work to help us ❤
    You guys are really Nice, I really Appreciate it ;D
    One last time, i want the Goblin Costume.
    My Username on poptropica is Mashman231
    Hope i win 😀
    Much love, Dylan~

  31. Fine, i’ve been on the PHB for a couple weeks, but when my friend told me about dis FABULOUS site, I told everyone I know ’bout the cheats, codes and glitches,(my favorite part!) especially my big bro and he has not been on poptropica for a long time but now I see him on more one poptropica, catching up on islands, and trying all the cool glitches and codes and cheats! I luv da boy holding ice cream I don’t care is he’s a boy- It’s awesome!(like all the PHB staff!) And I saved over 11 islands thanks to u guys! My username is awsomecookie33 (i know awesome is spelled wrong but i made dis account when i was 5!)

    Lots of <3, Small Star! :3

    1. If I can’t have the dude in the ice cream, i’ll take bird boy, not ringmaster raven. (If I win of course!)

  32. I absolutely love the PHB. I’ve been a reader basically ever since I started Poptropica, in about… 2nd grade. The PHB and all the awesome authors apart of it was the reason I started blogging. This site inspired a new part of my life and I am SO thankful for that. The PHB has made me the person I am today. Blogging is now my life. My favorite thing to do. My stress reliever. My favorite PHB page is probably the costumes page because it is where everyone can express their creativity. I love making costumes myself. I also love going to Xat parties with all my online friends. Our little blogging community proves that not everyone on the internet is a fraud. I have made many friends that I can relate to and enjoy commenting with, even if I don’t know them that well.
    This is why I love the PHB. The PHB has helped me SO much. Thank you. 🙂

  33. What is special about me is my name is big kid and i completed most islands. My favorite page is cool stuff mainly costumes. I have neen reading this blog foe 1 year maybe.
    I would like the 5th or the 11th coustume.

  34. I look at the PHB every day to see what’s new. It helps me a lot when I need help with an island. I would like the ferris wheel operator or Ringmaster Raven.

  35. As soon as I started playing Poptropica I started looking for a blog that would help me out. After 2 days, I finally found this. It has been a big help to me ever since.
    I would like the ferris wheel operator or the Ringmaster Raven

  36. You can customize the guy with the ice cream.

    Slanted Fish: You can only customize his ice cream with a special glitch, though.

  37. well, okay….. i first found out about poptropica when i was going into 2nd grade. i was 6 because it was the summer. i was going to an art camp (we only did art once) and i met one of my future classmates, and she told me about this awesome site called Poptropica. we used computers a lot there. i wasn’t good at it at first, i made new accounts every day, and then one day, i decided to create one account to keep (i guess, i can’t really remember) her name was Super Mosquito. then I made Spotted Monster. my sister made an account named nice monster and befriended super mosquito and spotted monster. eventually, i stopped using super mosquito, and made icy sky. recently i made happy monster and fearless fish. my fave part of phb is the glitches. I LIVE 4 GLITCHES!!!!!!!!

    1. i like the girl with the hammer
      ~formerly known as super mosquito, golden monster, little monster, cuddly bird………etc

  38. Hey, just found this site. Thought I’d enter just for kicks. This site is really cool!
    I’ve been looking everywhere for a Poptropica help site, and this is it!

  39. I can backflip,frontflip,throw a gun in the air and catch it with 1 hand and finished 19 islands in poptropica in 2 months.I have read the PHB from about 1 month ago and it has helped me in many islands so i luv u guys(PHB Members).☻

    -Limbo5832 of Poptropica

  40. Hi there, PHB poptropicains, I’ll admit, I haven’t been on the game of this website in a while due to stuff I’m pretty sure my parents don’t want me to share over the internet or verbally. I remember when I stumbled upon this website in 2008 (or maybe 2009, I’m to really sure) (Sigh, the good old days when Poptropica had only like three islands) looking for poptropica cheats like flying and pumpkin heads. That was when Poptropica was all the rage in elementary school and everyone was on it. I really loved (and still love) this page was something I didn’t really take the tie to appreciate and enjoy without pressing random buttons and leaving. A few years later, after quitting (shudders) Fantastic Age (fantage) Poptropica was a game far in the back of my mind that I somehow remembered. When I started to re play the game, I Google(d) Poptropica walkthroughs and found your recognizable website title. After going through a few walkthroughs, I constantly checked out your blog. 2012 (the year I got back on your site) was (and still is) my favorite year for the internet because of this blog. So, I sincerely thank you for making this. I hope my Poptropica addiction comes back and that I can get on this great blog more often. Just so you know, I’m sure you’ve changed lives with this (You changed mine, weird right?) so thank you.
    PS. I don’t even think I’ll get it with all of these devoted followers posting, but a girl can try right? So, really I would be fine with all of them, but the guy with a beaker, umbrella dude, the guy with glasses, the girl with the star hammer and the two monsters on the right (one on top, on uderneath) with wings are my favorite. Thank you again for posting this and for Helping Poptropicans daily!
    ~Slippery Tummy (ST)

  41. So, I have been viewing the PHB for about almost a year or so. I love how the authors seem to post about things that most people wouldn’t know or wouldn’t care about. 😀 You guys come up with the best stuff. ^-^ I think my favorite page is the Behind The Scenes or the Costumes page. 🙂 ❤

  42. I really like a PHB and it’s hard to choose my favorite part, but i guess it’s the island walkthroughs. I love the costume of the smiling girl with the hammer thing. I’m not a member on Poptropica but I wish I was. I’ve been reading the PHB since last year when I was researching walkthroughs and now it’s like i’m tied to it. I know poptropica because in second grade my best friend just walked up to me and said ” do you play poptropica?” and I didnt know what that meant so I researched it and I clicked on the first link and I started playing the game and now it’s my favorite game.

    P.S. thanks for all the cheats and walkthroughs 🙂 🙂

  43. Well, I’ve never actually commented on this blog, but I check this blog three times a day to see if there are more updates. (Sometimes four, depending on if a new island is coming out really soon or not) I don’t have a favorite page on this blog, cause they are all unbelievable. This blog actually got me through some tough times in the second grade, I was the new girl. Nobody talked to me, and I was okay with that because I had poptropica. And I read this blog at that time, so I had almost all of the islands finished. One day a kid saw me playing poptropica when we had computer time, and he told me he did too. Then he asked me how many islands I had finished, and I showed him my medallions. He told all the other poptropica loving people in the class, and soon everybody asked me for help on the game. Now I’m eleven, and not into poptropica as much as I was when I was little, but I still love this blog. And if possible, can I have th girl with the ponytail or Ringmaster Raven? And congrats on a eleven million hits you guys. You really deserve it.😀

  44. I’ve been reading the phb for two years now, and I love the costumes page. A special thing about me is that I like to play volleyball. I would appreciate if I could get the girl with a ponytail or the goblin, but any other costume would be fine. 😀

  45. Ive been on Potropica a long time.You can find me at yariel204.I think i like ringmaster Raven best.Ive completed 7 islands.I love this guide!Ive used for some time now.

  46. I really like the PHB Blog. I’ve been a reader on this blog for about a year, and its amazing! My favorite page is the Boredom Busters. I finished almost all the islands on Poptropica, and the Boredom Busters have really creative ideas and are really fun. I would take any boy costume that is there, but I would REALLY like the icecream boy! Thank you and keep up all of your hard work!

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