Behind the Name: Samwow5

Hello everyone! Recently, I saw a post HP did about his name, and I thought well, I have a pretty unique story of my name too. So I asked HP if I can make a post about this, and he’s like sure, so here it is everyone! When I started playing Poptropica, I was using my brother’s account for a year, and it all started when I made an account with the user called Samwow5……


In 2010-2011 they had this commercial on TV called the “Shamwow Towel” It will clean anything food stain or spilt mess up. My parents made fun of it saying “Samwow the Great” xD, Then after a month or two, I thought about making a Poptropica account with the name “Samwow”. I went to Poptropica and the name Samwow wasn’t available to use, so I picked 5 (because it was one of my favorite numbers, and still is today) Then I put 5 after Samwow and I got Samwow5!

In the name section, I was picking a name like “Fast Lightning” or something, and I was about to click save and my computer shut off for some reason. I don’t know if it was fate or something, but the first name that popped up after that was “Tough Icicle”. It was the perfect match, I loved that name so I saved it and started playing Poptropica on that account, and soon after that I started blogging….. 😀



19 thoughts on “Behind the Name: Samwow5”

  1. I knew your name came from a towel and when I search up your name, it always show the towel name. And how about your brother. By the all author from PHB should do it and it very interesting to know all author name came from especially Fishy.

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