Behind the Name: HPuterpop

Hi Gs,

Well, I told you that I would explain my name some time or another; I guess this is the time!

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How do you like my logo? I whipped it up recently and added it to my Gravatar. 😉

It all started when my kindergarten teacher sent me a list of cool website links… I am part of an online school; I was back then as well, so getting emails from my teacher wasn’t weird in kindergarten. 😆

On the list was a sprouting website, FunBrain.  FunBrain, Poptropica, and Fact Monster all link in together through the Family Education Network, and so logically there were Poptropica links everywhere (There were Fact Monster links too, but I went for the useless stuff.  I could tell which was which. 😉 ) I clicked the Poptropica ad, and then took a couple minutes trying to pronounce “Poptropica”. When I finally (didn’t) figure out how to say it, I clicked on the “New Player” butto– I’m not going walk you through everything I did, but instead, here’s a valuable piece of information: I did not know how to read. I was only 5, come on! I had to fabricate my age when creating a character! I guess that just proves that I loved Poptropica even before I could play it. 😛

At the time, I was already way too computer influenced.  If ANYONE reading this played Humongous Entertainment games (Pajama Sam, Putt-Putt and Pep) or the Jump-start games when they were younger, tell me in the comments.  Poptropica was the new love of my life.  The genius who combined the two was no other than… my mom.  “Puterpop” was born, and still lives on, also known as Messy Sinker (actually, you can friend me @ “puterpop”.  Seriously, go do that.  I get really *cough* lonely*cough* (I have no friends (AND a parenthesis in a parenthesis (AND there it is again…))).

But what about the ‘H’ in my name? How did that get there?

I’m getting to that. You see, I was using “Puterpop” for everything I signed up for. But, I started using it a while back, because soon everyone was using ‘Puterpop’. I needed a new and unique username. I first used ‘puterpoptropica’. That wasn’t very unique, was too long, and was also my second Poptropica account… but why did I have a second account? That’s another story for another time. 😉

I don’t know how I came to assumption that HP was HD. That was the reasoning behind me putting the H there. I thought that HP meant high definition (I obviously wasn’t paying attention), and I rocked that username for a long time. Really silly, actually, and I realized it when I was explaining it to my Mom. I was like, “I’m cool now becawz my name means high definition.  Get it?  HP?  High Defin– oh crud.”.


44 thoughts on “Behind the Name: HPuterpop”

  1. I discovered Poptropica in a similar way. My mom signed me up for a summer camp just before Kindergarten and showed us funbrain. I played it nearly 24/7 until one day, just like you, I saw the ad for Poptropica, and clicked on it! A new adventure was born…

    1. I found out about poptropica when my best friend in school (i forgot her username) told me,” Laura, you better play poptropica, or I’ll get my sister to rage quit. And it’s not pretty.” Don’t ask about that.

      But anyways, I wanted to go back to playing poptropica, because when I was younger I played it, got confused, rage quit, then went on with my life. But I decided to go back to playing it, and now my mom gets mad at me when I’m staying up till around 12 AM trying to beat Mocktropica, which thanks to the blog, I was able to do.

      But it really was a new thing for me, since I didn’t know how to play back then. Also, If you look at my old pics on my proifle (im SparkleFlame2k16), I based it entirley of Slanted_Fish. I ❤ PHB!!!

      1. (I’m going to copy laura)I found out about poptropica when i looked up my favorite lunch man in school’s website. it told me,” brian, you better play poptropica, because its recommended. also, i like cheese. ” Don’t ask about that.

        But anyways, I got playing poptropica, because its fun. But I decided to make a 9 year old account, then 10, then 11. when i was trying to beat a mini game, i found this blog, which gave me many opprotunities.

        and it really was a new thing for me, since I didn’t know blogs could be so much fun!!! If you look at my old pics on my proifle (I’m moodytuna, popman9422, magic11657, atllama, slmpae, slmpae1) I have very ordinary pics. I ❤ PHB!!!

  2. I use to play Jump Start. A lot of it. 😛
    I discovered Poptropica in… possibly 2nd grade when a lot of people at school were playing it during indoor recess. Then on the bus, two fifth grades I sat by started talking about how awesome it is. So, I was like… wow. Fifth graders are playing this game? I got to check it out! Once I joined I fell in love with it. Beat all the islands. Saved up a ton of credits. Then I even started a small island help business at my school. For 25 cents I would help my classmates beat islands. (This was before a ton of people lost interest and I found the PHB of course) 😉

  3. Wondering how my name came from? Well first of all, First, I put my last name and my lucky number 25 but it is staring for me it not a good name but then I decided to put my Poptropican name which is “Cool Octopus”. But first when I met HpPuterpop in a blog and I told him to draw my Poptropican. And when my drawing said “The Faithful Cool Octopus” and for me was a perfect name and I decided to put my name like that. And for how I started playing Poptropica, a friend presented me the game but it was awesome and interesting.

      1. Hey HP! I like Humungous Entertainment too! I had these computer games when I was young. *sigh*

  4. My name is just what Poptropica assigned me.

    I found out from my cousins I see like twice a year about Poptropica right about the time when that Black Widow Island was released.

    Yes, I have played Reader Rabbit: The Learning Company and Fisher Price games when I was like 1 years old. (Well, Mom helped me a lot! “No honey, that’s a lion, not a dog.”)

    I go to an online school too HPuterPop! I got to http://www.k12.com Where do you go?

  5. Hah, I played Pajama Sam, and Putt Putt Travels Through Time when I was younger, but I don’t have them anymore ;P I also played Putt Putt Goes To The Race, but not as much as the others ;P

    And you know I use SOS for my Curriculum.

  6. I remember how I started playing Poptropica… It was when I lived in Arizona that I first heard about it. I had gone to a friends house and her brother(who I liked then and might still…) had a friend over and he was playing Poptropica. It was when 24 Carrot Island had just came out ( so a while ago(and I know I was like seven)). Then I hadn’t thought about Poptropica for a while, but one day I think I think my sister was playing on FunBrain and I saw the Poptropica link and I was like, I remember that! So I went on Poptropica later and have been playing it ever since. About my name, I think I had seen it as the first thing that came up and I didn’t know how to change it, and I used to hate it and I made another account (Crazy Penguin) but now Serious Panda is part of who I am.

  7. That’s a pretty cool story. 🙂 I discovered Poptropica in early 2011, when I was in the 4th grade. Nothing interesting, really. I don’t want to go into the details; I’m too lazy. 😛 But, when I saw my randomly selected Poptropcan name, I felt a connection to it, I thought it was unique and cool.

  8. My name came from this. I was signing up to get a Nickelodeon account so that I could see things like Spongebob videos, etc. I was around 6 or 7. I was looking around for a cool new name, and my eyes eventually rested on a clock. “Time”, I thought was a cool way to start my username. While typing in Time, I accidentally typed in Timee, and the name stuck. I first started out as Timee5, for no apparent reason, and now I use the name Timee (number) for almost every website: first Timee5, then Timee3, when I started playing Poptropica Timee8, and the most recent Timee4.

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