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Some monstrous new Daily Pops

The mystery of Monster Carnival Island continues to thicken with some new posts that have made their way onto the Daily Pop! Are these monsters our newest sneak peak for Monster Carnival, or is there another new island brewing bellow the surface? Check out these Daily Pop posts and make the decision!





The first picture shows us a tree with some evil looking owls in it, so what? The important part are the streamers and flags that are seen, is this a festive scene? Festive like a carnival? The rest just show various monsters.ย  The first two show a metal faced bird, a taxidermyย  Jackalope, and multi-eyed dinosaur dog. The last picture shows an evil looking toxic waste monster.

It should be noted that the last two pictures are similar in that the monsters are labeled with numbers. Are these exhibits to go and see on Monster Carnival Island?


So what do you think? Are these our first official look at the Monsters of Monster Carnival Island or something totally new, only time will tell!

16 thoughts on “Some monstrous new Daily Pops”

  1. The mirrors on that building could be one of those places with the wavy mirrors that make you look weird. The pictures look pretty detailed, so if it is Monster Carnival, the creators might be redoing it.

  2. Just trying to clear the air!

    Sorry if I took your post idea! I was looking through the Daily Pop and then came across these images so I came here and clicked on add a new post and then typed it up. I just looked at the homepage and there was nothing about it. Sorry that I don’t check through every single draft before I make a post.

    As to the “rumors” that I stole HPuterpop’s post and that they are “identical,” it looks like someone has received some incorrect information, because not only did I not know that HPuterpop had a draft going, but authors can not view other authors drafts! It is literally impossible for me to copy Hputerpop’s draft because I don’t have the ability to access any other authors drafts! As an author HPuterpop knows that authors can not view another authors post, making it inpossible for them to be identical. Finally as for there apparently being “similar” ideas in HPuterpop’s post as there was in mine, that would be expected if two posts are on the same topic.

    To poptropicagossip Who ever your “source” is, I am unaware that any author is able to view any other author’s drafts, so I would be very interested in knowing how this “source” was able to do this. Unless this “source” is Slanted Fish, who is the only one who can view any other author’s drafts, they have lied to you. I seriously doubt that Slanted Fish is your source, as who ever it is that gave you this information was banned on the chat as you can see by the brown icon in the photo you posted here.

    I recommend that in the future you try to find a more reliable source then someone who has been banned on the chat.

    I eagerly await your apology for spreading false information about me and trying to stir up something,

    1. I don’t think Fuzzy-B intended to steal anything. However, although I did initially hire HP as an author, he’s currently an editor because he’s helping with the 911 magazine, so that may explain why he can see other drafts while other authors can’t. It’s nobody’s fault – in fact, it’s great that both of you took the initiative to find something to post about from the recent Daily Pops! Just unfortunate that you both had the same idea and didn’t know, I suppose.

      Also, I can confirm that I am NOT the “source” of poptropicagossip’s gossip. (In fact, some of the things on your ‘gossip blog’ are quite offensive and I don’t condone it.) Since you’ve omitted the name of your mysterious “source”, you could have been talking to anyone on the PHC for all we know. Your source is wrong anyway – I’m able to see that their posts were not identical (therefore, not plagiarism); they just had the same idea. We would all appreciate it if you stopped trying to cause drama. Please refer to our blog’s Comment Policy and understand that we may remove comments that we find distasteful.

      1. Do you remember the Gamer Guy Incident a little ways back? It was a good joke and everyone dropped it. But she agreed to drop it, and then she was banned from the chat. I don’t think it’s very fair to put her through this when she’s not doing anything different than Squeezy Wing did for his GG site…

        Why is it so different now?

        Slanted Fish: She didn’t drop it; she made several posts about it (which have yet to be removed), refuses to apologize, and was rude to others. The rest of us would like to move on, however.

    2. I’m also an editor, but I confirm that I have nothing to do with these gossips and rumors either.

    3. C’mon, stop fighting amongst yourselves! At least four other blogs have posted about these exact sneak peeks before (mine included) and none are complaining with each other about plagiarism.

      1. We aren’t. There was a misunderstanding, but the PHB authors involved (Fuzzy-B and HP) handled it quickly and maturely. An outside member (“poptropicagossip”) was just trying to cause trouble and point fingers even when the discussion was already over.

  3. i think that the island is like this carnival which is like a cover up for a top secret organization that makes experiment (think Lilo and Stitch experiments). Well thats what I seriously think.

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