Poptropican’s 911 (PHB magazine): Revived!


UPDATE: The release date for the 13th issue of the magazine will be Jan. 11, 2014, and the deadline for submissions is Jan. 9! See the post below for some types of entries we’d like to see more of. Thank you all for your entries thus far!

Hello everyone! HPuterpup and I are reviving the PHB’s Poptropican’s 911 magazine series! It will be posted every 2 months on the 2nd week of the month, and we would love to include your artwork, stories, etc.! Here’s what the 911s may contain (note the bolded parts for reader submissions!):

  • Ask PHB: readers can ask questions about Poptropica via e-mail to the 911 staff, and we’ll select about 3 of them to publish per month
  • Competitions & Multiverse parties (occasional)
  • Stories: readers can submit their own Poptropica fanfiction/short stories
  • Island Ideas: readers submit their own ideas for islands they would like to see in the game
  • Easter Eggs: Poptropica tricks & secrets that maybe you didn’t know about, including new sneak peeks from HP
  • Fashion: What costumes and clothing styles are trending on Poptropica? Send in your costume or some Multiverse/common room pics of the latest trends!
  • Fan Art: reader submissions of Poptropica-themed poems, comics, drawings, puzzles, computer graphics, songs, or other creative work

Please send all submissions via email to poptropican911@gmail.com, and we will do our best to accommodate your entry or entries into our magazine issues! To browse through the Poptropican’s 911s of the past, check out our Magazines page! As this is a community-based project, your participation counts in making this the best it can be.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and publishing it for other Poptropica fans to enjoy! It’s our way of starting off the new year for everyone at the PHB. 🙂

Stay cool! I know I will! TI out!


108 thoughts on “Poptropican’s 911 (PHB magazine): Revived!

  1. Smart Leopard says:

    Yayay you’re bringing it back!! If you send in a costume, do you send a screenshot? And can you send in multiple things in one email and hope that one of them will be chosen? 😉

  2. Magic snowball wishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! says:

    Maybe the fashion columm I dont really know. The fashion columm sounds cool, so yeah

  3. Magic snowball wishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! says:

    Actaully i might write a story, i have writed some really good ones in the past ..

  4. Clean Shark, News Reporter of 2014 says:

    So this will be a magazine in stores, like Wal-Mart? If so, then awesome! I’ll work on some stuff for the issue after this one, OK? That’ll give me time to work on a funny comic, maybe a fashion picture, and a short story hat will have about, eh, five parts?

  5. Serious Panda says:

    For anyone who reads Ranger’s Apprentice, I’m making a costume of a Ranger. Can’t wait! I’ll post it after HP posts the portraits.
    Does anyone read Ranger’s Apprentice?

  6. Happy says:

    when we buy a pop star dress and we are costumizing with a mike in our hand and we press spacebar they bothstart singing

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