Time Tangled Glitchy Strangeness

Hi Gs,

I wish I could be able to stop posting, because one time per day is overload; I’ll try to stop posting as much after Mocktropica passes, but everything I update you guys about is urgent!

Yesterday evening, Gamer Guy claimed that he glitched some of everyone’s items. ย I didn’t think so, as my jetpack (one of the items he claimed to corrupt) was still there. ย But I’ve been looking through my inventory, and some of my items are really missing! ย Check these out:

The second may not be a surprise, but look what island its filed under…

All I can tell you guys is that I’m NOT Gamer Guy… you’re just gonna have to take my word for it. ๐Ÿ˜›

This game that Gamer Guy is playing is going in a spiral…


42 thoughts on “Time Tangled Glitchy Strangeness”

  1. hmmm… nothing seems to be wrong with my inventory… Im starting to get a feeling, HPuterpop… that you may be part of this whole scheme…

      1. *face-palm* are you serious? Do you really think i would go through this much trouble? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. THE EMAIL IS FAKE! I sent a email to it and it said it couldn’t send because
        It wasn’t real. BAM, WHAT?!

  2. โ€˜Tis not the real Guy of Gaming! A fibber we have amongst us. Have at thee! Prove to us that thy act is not a ruse. This petty hoax doth not fool even the feeblest of them amongst us! If thy art the real Guy of Gaming then prove thyself! โ€˜Til the time of truthing occurs, do not be fooled brothers! This man is not more than a fake. A wolf amongst sheep! I doth not believe the lies of such a scoundrel! Prove thyself or face the wrath of the interwebs!

    But seriously, I donโ€™t believe this for a second. Unless this โ€œGamer Guyโ€ can come up with some proof fast, I wonโ€™t believe it. 90% chance this is hoax. I need some real proof before I believe this!

    1. Prove your not one of the PHB bloggers or a poptropica creator. And do you really love that bakeries brownies? XD plus you haven’t glitched me, and instead of glitching everyone why don’t you just make MegaFightingBots.com ? I’d love to see
      It ๐Ÿ˜†

    1. I searched
      Him too, the avatar is blank. Plus the email was
      Fake and I haven’t experienced glitching. Whoever is behind this, it sure isn’t the creators.

      1. The greatest mystery of all is how I made this account when you need an email verification. Or not. Because the answer is the email got banned.

    1. lol
      Well, some of it is invalid now, due to SamWow5’s new post, but it still is very interesting — you’re right! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Whoa that’s pretty cool that poptropica may actually be talking to you guys. i have emailed poptropica before. i usually get responses the next day or so from a guy named Liam P.

    Cool Berry The Unicorn Cat

      1. well genius wasnt exactly the word i was thinking of but ok lol. if you guys like them i can make more, maybe some that are actually funny! haha

        Cool Berry the Unicorn Cat

      2. ok where? i cant really make a new post since im not part of your team. post them here? (when i make more)

      3. ^wait, hold on, i miss read. YOU want to post mine? i guess you can if you want too. ๐Ÿ™‚ how do you want to get them?

        Cool Berry the Unicorn Cat

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