Gamer Guy Exposed!

Hello everyone! I have proof that the Gamer Guy we have seen on the PHB is a hoax! In the comments he made I clicked on the IP address, and it linked it to a commenter on the blog!


It most likely is Squeezy Wing, but I just wanted to get the word out. I don’t want any mean comments toward him or about him, it was just a harmless prank! The second Gamer Guy was also a harmless prank played by my friend, plz don’t give her any grief either. IP removed by request*




32 thoughts on “Gamer Guy Exposed!”

      1. But seriously! Hey, BTW, tell your brother when I release the new Portraits tomorrow — his is in there! 😀 I think he’ll like it.

  1. I thought Gamer Guy use letters like ‘u’ ‘y’ and other stuff similar to those. But this Gamer Guy even use caps! LOL

  2. Okay, we all know Gamer Guy is just a hoax (which is why he doesn’t comment on this post, because his identity has been revealed), but who is he anyway? And why does he pretend to be Gamer Guy (probably because he wants attention)? (P/S: “Gamer Guy”, if you’re reading this you don’t have to give up your username to prove you’re the real Gamer Guy, because anyone can hack into Poptropica and get Gamer Guy’s costume).

  3. yeah i figured it was a phony. but they actually made you fall for it so good prank!

    Cool Berry The Unicorn Cat

  4. It was just one comment I wanted to make as a little prank, but then people started asking questions, and everything started going downhill. I have to admit it was fun, though. (P.S. If anyone wants a Globochem shirt it’s in my closet. My username is sleepypanda81.)

    1. hey how come you can still customize on the new islands? it wont let other people. i asked the poptropica people and they said its supposed to be like that for now. how’d you do it?

      Cool Berry the Unicorn Cat.

      (P.S. cool prank but i didnt really fall for it lol)

    2. Poptropica accidentally released a detour to customizing people on the new format. I tried to message the PHB about it, but by the time it reached them it was fixed. (Whoops, wrong wordpress acount, lol.)

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