Mocktropica Island

Re: Mega Fighting Bots Match!

Hi Gs,

In the Mocktropica trailer video, there was a hidden link. It went to a page with a picture saying, “Coming soon – get ready to kick some bots!”Β I checked back today… and, well, have fun!

mfbΒ – play now!


10 thoughts on “Re: Mega Fighting Bots Match!”

  1. hey yeah i know this is the wrong post but the pic of u on a wall? yeah, not so hard. you are standing on the great wall of china above the guard on time tangeled island. i have no idea how u got up there, probably with leonardo wings.

    it’s made by poptropica because the mouse is “poptropica style”
    so they couldn’t steal players if the are playing on poptropica (technically)
    oh sorry i posted this when i saw gamer guys (im tring to type like him) post. i thought it was actually advertising another thing. but yea its made by poptropica.

    -Big Kid (that’s my name)

    1. Why are so many people Kids? I mean, they are kids, but their name is Kid! Friend my account, partypoppa, his name is Cuddly Kid!

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