Mocktropica Island

An Unfinished Costume for an Unfinished Island!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to inform you that the Unfinished Costume for Mocktropica Island is out now, so members can go collect it from the Store. It’s only available until the end of early access!


You may of heard in my last post that Gamer Guy was now an intern for Poptropica. Now, he made this post, which had even worse grammar than last time….He said Mega Fighting Bots is not for noobs, like seriously man! What’s wrong with being a noob? xD

In addition, HPuterpop, one of the PHB authors, found some useful info about “Gamer Guy”. His real name is Abe, which can be found inside the Bakery on Ghost Story Island!

Anyway, that’s it Icicles, and I’m TI!

Still need help on the catchphrase…


10 thoughts on “An Unfinished Costume for an Unfinished Island!”

  1. SamWow5,
    1. How about “Icicle out!” for a catchphrase.
    2. BTW, I think i know the REAL creator name of Gamer Guy… email me. 😉

  2. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! that Early Access to Mocktropica will be available on Thursday, December 19! Like Always Member Get A Free Demo
    Mocktropica becomes available to everyone on January 16, 2014.
    So Get Ready For Mocktropica Island

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