Need a quick Father’s Day gift? – 30% off Poptropica Shop!

Hey, it’s Shaggy here! Now that it’s summer, I believe I can post more often, if no one beats me to it.

Well anyway, if you need a quick Father’s Day gift idea, the Pop Creators are offering this great deal!

Up to midnight on Sunday, Eastern time (if you’re not from that time zone, you can Google yours to figure out the conversion), they are offering 30% off of your order, no matter how many items you order! Just put in the code POP30 at checkout when you want to buy your personalized item! (Make sure you are 18 or over to order.) For example, here’s what my shirt would look like if I were to order one:

shirtHmm, pretty cool! Well, anyway, you can give your dad their son/daughter’s Poptropican on a shirt!

That’s pretty much it, Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads out there, and enjoy your summer everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€


20 thoughts on “Need a quick Father’s Day gift? – 30% off Poptropica Shop!”

    1. Well, that definitely sucks -_-
      I live in Australia.and I am not moving to the US to get a single shirt!
      If they did do it internationally they would get a lot more money for it, so why don’t they?

    1. It’s not a promo code in the sense where you enter it on Poptropica for an in-game prize (like the Dr. Hare’s Lair codes), but it’s a different type of promo code where you can get a discount on Poptropica merchandise (enter it during checkout at the online Poptropica Shop).

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