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Coming soon to 24 Carrot Island: Beta Carrotene!

Hey, guys, BT here with a special piece of news: I looked on the 24 Carrot Island island page and I found this little thing added:

Beta Carrotene

Turns out the pink jumpsuit from earlier sneak peeks is the Members Only Beta Tester costume:

So… members can be beta testers now?! Holy slice of carrot cake, this sounds exciting! Well, from the sounds of this, it’ll be the original 24 Carrot Island quest except with a soundtrack, a bigger screen, and… “better navigation”. Oh great, don’t tell me the common room cursor is going to be a part of this…

Anyhoo, it looks like for right now, the soundtrack would be exculsively for 24 Carrot Island, but who knows if the Creators would ever make beta versions of other popular islands? Only time will tell, I guess.

BT out!

UPDATE (Fuzzy-B): The Poptropica homepage now has a banner for the upcoming 24 Carrot beta!


35 thoughts on “Coming soon to 24 Carrot Island: Beta Carrotene!”

  1. Wait, the beta tester is for members only?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’m not really a big fan of the common room cursor, so I really don’t see how it’s considered “better navigation” haha. “roll:

      1. There’s no loading screen on BETA Carrotene; it just shows a black screen until it’s done loading as you said. If it loads fast enough, you might not even see the black screen and it’ll just automatically load.

  2. I think we should all complain to the creators. Go to their “Contact Us” page, “For Players,” and then “New Release Feedback” and complain to them about the new cursor! ๐Ÿ˜ก
    Of course, you don’t have to if you want to, but I think that’s the best shot we have at getting rid of this common room cursor. ๐Ÿ˜ก

    1. I have notified the Creators, hoping to either make the Common Room Cursor better than the regular one, or replacing it with the regular cursor, and I have told them to look at this post and the Announcing Poptropica Sound comments, to show them that a lot of people don’t want the Common Room cursor.

  3. Wait, what? You have to be a Member for SOUND!? Oh, Come on! I hope this is, like, an Early Access kind of thing.

    1. It does say beta testers. Non-members should be able to play it on official release. I’m not sure how members are supposed to give feedback.

      1. I think that, with every time an island is released, the Creators will look at blogs to find there information. They are also using us as “testers” because they always test an island before it releases, and, since the island is already released, they want us members to test is for glitches, so we can go up a number, on the counter of times that we have completed an island, while doing good.

      2. Well, it’s official that Members will be testing it out. And I hope that the Common Room cursor is going to be fixed to where it’s better, or we’ll get the regular cursor when it’s released for everyone.

  4. I hope they’ll add full soundtrack to the other islands too. By the way, beta testing just means testing something out before it gets released to everyone, so most likely everyone will eventually be able to play, as Aang said. (Just that members get a bonus costume and get to play first, as usual.) Also, “carrotene” (or carotene) is apparently the orange/red hydrocarbon pigment that gives carrots their color. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Actually, BT, I think that all of the soundtracks for the other islands are already in place. It’s just that, with Dr. Hare’s Lair and all, the Creators would release this “BETA” for 24 Carrot Island, or, more complicatedly, “24 Carrot Island BETA Carrotene”, instead of releasing it to other islands.

    Also, this costume looks a lot like Dr, Hare, so, there you go.

  6. Maybe about a week or 2 after the members test out the 24 Carrot beta version, the creators might give them some sort of survey so they get to find out on what the members thought of the beta version of 24 Carrot.

  7. Darn, I wish I was a member ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But this beta testing sounds fun! Have fun, all you members!

  8. I don’t know if you guys know already, but did you see that on Early Poptropica Island, the Arcade is gone? Do you guys know what happened to it?

    Slanted Fish: The Arcade is occasionally replaced by ad buildings but returns when the advertisement disappears.

  9. Whew! I’m becoming a member again today, then I’ll be able to play the Beta! And Early Access to Virus Hunter!!

  10. Hmmm…interesting..even though I’m not a member, I can wait…..

    I hope you guys enjoy it! Oh, and, CREATORS:


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