Poptropica Shop ’til you drop – now with personalized clothing!

A whole new section of Poptropica goods are now available for purchase – Poptropica personalized clothing with your unique avatar printed on them! Plus your Poptropican’s name! It’s every Poptropican’s dream! (Well, unless you’ve got a weird name like, hm… “Sleepy Peanut”? I don’t know.)

Anyway, to check out this gear, just visit the all-new Poptropica Shop page, enter your username, and you’ll be brought to Ty’s Toy Box, where you can select from lots of different shirt designs and hoodies of various colors! There’s hot pink, royal blue, gray, and a few others of similar tints, so maybe you’ll find one you like. Shirts are US$17.95, hoodies are $24.99, and zip-up hoodies are $39.99. Remember to order to the right size! Also, it seems like they’ll only ship within the States.

For a list of all the options, as well as Poptropica’s other merchandise, check out the PHB article Merchandise: A Guide to Poptropica Shopping. They’re listed under “Personalized Clothing.”

Are there any you’d like to buy? Which one(s)? Share your thoughts in the comments!

31 thoughts on “Poptropica Shop ’til you drop – now with personalized clothing!”

  1. Hey everybody, having a multiplayer room party.Theme:the big giants!bring your hades crowns1code: EPK18

  2. I wish I could buy a shirt from that website- but they’re all only kids’ sizes! 😦 Dang it.

  3. Awesome, this looks cool, and I’m still here everyone! For everyone who remembers puterpop, im him.

    1. Used to comment a long time ago… puterpop, and won’t remember if you are new…
      username for POP: puterpop
      2013! lol

  4. Okay guys, nanobots are tiny robots that you put inside your body to fight stuff… and this guy named brad borne who made fancy pants just made a game with nanobots in it!!!!!
    I contacted him a while back and told him about poptropica, and since this new island is about nanobots… well, you see what I mean. I’m gonna ask him and keep you guys updated…

      1. Waiting for a reply, he also animates and does a great job of integrating animation into games, just think if a poptropican could fall asleep after you leave him set for a while, and have awesome animation to go with it!

  5. I realized after seeing the post on poptropica blog you can get a shirt with a creator on it! I kinda want a Dr. Hare shirt. You just have to know there username. Good thing for the creators page here!

  6. I totally wish I could have a slippery tummy hoodie. Picture it, a dark black hoodie with a girl who has time tangled hair, a vampire face, gum chewing mouth (vampire bat gum, if you wanted to know) bat wings… oh I can’t wait to get that. I’m so happy, I ‘m getting membership! Ok, time to stop bragging. Toodeloo!
    ~ST out!!

  7. Also, Do I have a weird name? Slippery Tummy? Anyone thing that that is odd? K thanks!
    ST out (for good this time until tomorrow)

  8. Hey Brad,
    Saw your newest game, sorta got a little suspicious… Poptropica is making a quest about NanoBots… I mentioned them in another email. Anything happening there?

    Brad’s Reply:

    Heh, well, the idea was pitched from HopeLab almost a few years ago, we sat on the game for awhile waiting for the website to be built. I don’t really see any similarities with the two games, though, heh.

    Buuut, I’m not familiar with Poptropica, are any of the designs similar or anything like that?

    Glad you enjoyed it, we definitely spent a lot of time trying to get it right!

    – Brad

    Hmm, seems to be a dead end.

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