Hotel Transylvania ad: Clean up this mess!

There’s an ad for Hotel Transylvania on Poptropica Main Streets for the Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD coming out on January 29th. You can find it on islands such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Thanks to Loud Shark for the video walkthrough and Samwow5 for his help on the written guide!

You can use the video above to help you, or read the written walkthrough here:

Go inside the ad building. Dracula is at the door, and he’ll tell you that the place has to be cleaned up before dinner. Enter through the door with the paw prints on it. The instructions tell you to find the wolf pups and clean up in there. When you get inside, the pups are making a mess everywhere! Run around the restaurant and click on all 8 pups before all the plates break.

Now you have to clean up the mess they made. Click on all the places where the pups were dropping plates and pans (don’t forget the table and floor stains!) and you win a Werewolf Pup Costume and a Dracula Costume (boys) or Mavis Costume (girls)!

8 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania ad: Clean up this mess!”

  1. Yeah, not really. Anyways: THE CODE IS AVB81 for the multiplayer room funeral thing for the Poptropolis Games. I got most of my funeral outfit from the Mavis Prize in the Hotel Ad thing. 🙂

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