Lunar Colony Island

Most Likely To Become Astronauts

Hey, Poptropicans! With the recent release of Lunar Colony, members glued theirselves in front of their computer screen to complete this challenging island. Without a guide in sight, these Poptropicans managed to complete the island and unknowingly became the first ten to beat it!

1. Gentle Starfish

2. Scary Star

3. Blue Scorpion

4. Scary Typhoon

5. Shaky Typhoon

6. Codie- uh, Magic Fish

7. Friendly Cheetah

8. Silver Ninja

9. Shoeless Eagle

10. Zippy Dragonย 

Congratulations to all! And as a reminder, the Fall-anticipated islandย Lunar Colony will be available to everyone beginning September 6th! And if you didn’t make the list, there’s always next island – whatever that island happens to be. ย And if you need help with the island, you could always associate with the friendly people of PHB’s official chat.ย Happy playing!


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