Super Villain Island

Lunar Colony resources and… Super Villain Island?!

First of all, all our Lunar Colony Island resources are now up and ready on the Poptropica Help Blog! The last two were already there, but the newer ones are:

With all this buzz, PHB reader Aang wants to credit Thinknoodles for the possible discovery of the next island name, which is… SUPER VILLAIN ISLAND! Dun dun dunnnn….

According to this post on the Poptropica Cheatz website, Poptropica tends to buy domain names for the names of some of their islands, such as or, which all redirect to The big discovery here is that also redirects to Poptropica! Try it out for yourself.

From all the recent sneak peeks about old villains making a return, and the fact that Dr. Hare wasn’t even in Lunar Colony despite his Rabbot appearing at 40 seconds in the trailer video, it seems quite likely that the next island will be all about these Super Villain[s]!

-slanted fish

31 thoughts on “Lunar Colony resources and… Super Villain Island?!”

  1. I don’t know how to feel right now. Am I excited about this “Super Villain Island” coming out soon? Am I nervous about what in Poptropica is going to happen! Argh, I don’t know!!

  2. What?!
    I was secure that Dr. Hare was going to appear in LC; well, maybe the creators just put that for fun, but if we blowed him to space, why could he make it again in Dr. Hare’s secret lair?
    Maybe that was his plan #2.
    But I really wanna see Dr. Hare again!!!

  3. Maybe Super Villan Island was a possible name for Super Power Island, also redirects to poptropica

    1. That’s another possibility, but (which was a possible name for Time Tangled) doesn’t redirect to Poptropica. Who knows, but with all the sneak peeks lately, a Super Villain Island does seem probable. 😛

      1. Yes, and do you think the Willy Wonka sneak peeks relate to one of the Poptropica Villans? Dr Hare maybe? (cause they are both in factories)

        Slanted Fish: Maybe! We don’t know yet. 😛

    1. And why not? All I’ve done in this post is report about some Poptropica news they discovered, and make a video playlist for the LC guide. None of these actions are wrong. In fact, by spreading the word, you could even say I’m helping them get more views.

      Sharing their discovery is like reading a news article you found interesting and then posting it to your blog. There is nothing wrong with that – I reworded it, gave credit, and definitely didn’t “steal” anything.

      The PHV (Poptropica Help Videos, our YouTube channel) has always been making playlists of island guides. You can find them all under the “Videos” section of our Island Help page. This is only the most recent, as we have done this for every island in the past. Again, this is only to organise everything so it’s easy for people to view, and the original video creators basically have their videos seen by more people. The videos we used come from various YouTubers, not just the ones you’re a fan of.

      It’s cool that you like the content from the original source, but don’t be bashing this blog for simply sharing it with more audiences. To keep something good all to yourself, which is kind of what you’re saying, seems quite selfish.

      1. I wasn’t trying to spell awarded. I’m guessing you were mixed up with “reworded,” the past tense of reword, which (to reword this) means to rephrase or put into different words. Think of it as re-word, like re-do (redo, to do again). Not to be confused with reward or award.

  4. I am actually Thinknoodles’s biggest fan! That is why I want nobody but Graser or himself copying that stuff.

      1. I love the Road to Captain Thinknoodles series! The most pathetic one was Spy Island, the one where he missed the most obvious clue was Nabooti island, the longest one was Astro knights Island, the biggest failure was Big Nate island (he took THAT long to find out what to do with the lobster AND he thought the lighthouse thing was a satillite dish), and my favorite was Poptropolis Games!

      2. Yeah, who doesn’t?
        I just saw the Road to Captain Thinknoodles Super Power Island
        YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO jump The guy in the subway!
        They’re funny.
        I like Ask Thinknoodles too!!

      3. I know! I called Him crazy when in astro knights island, he didn’t push on the wall in mordred’s hideout long enough!

  5. Captain Crawfish is GUARTEED to come back thanks to the new creator’s post! P.S lunar colony island was THE VERY FIRST island I competed without a walktrough! Please, Binary Bard, please, Binary Bard, please, Binary Bard…..

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