Sneak Peeks, Super Villain Island

Of course, add in the Crawfish.

Guess what guys? Captain Crawfish IS officially returning to Poptropica, along with Dr. Hare and the Black Widow.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water: A pirate can’t sit around blogging all day, you know.

Another villain to add to the banner thing, and another character our Poptropicans need to worry about. -_-

Which, of course, also means we look to the right again to see who’s possibly up next. And I see this thing.

That reminds me of the swordy… um… contraption… um… mechasuit…. thing the Binary Bard used during the final battle in Astro-Knights. It seems from this clue, that that battle won’t be so final.

Blurry pictures FTW!

So Captain Crawfish had been officially announced, and the Binary Bard could be next in line. So not one nor two nor three returning villians aren’t enough, it seems. What in Poptropica is going to happen with at least 4 villians being involved??

BT out!

39 thoughts on “Of course, add in the Crawfish.”

      1. I agree to follow brave tomato…
        Wait! What is reflecting off of the rabbot’s eye????????????

  1. Dr.hare
    Black widow
    Bianary bard
    El Mustachio
    Dr. E-vile
    Betty jetty
    Count bram
    Gretchen grimlock

  2. Everyone 99.99% sure Binary Bard is returning and 99.110% sure there is a 4th villain but maybe Betty Jetty could return? Or maybe even Director D. What about about Mustachio? Even Count Bram could return! And everyone in between! There are too many variables!

  3. Here’s what will happen possibly…
    I believe that Mr.Silva from Shrink Ray Island will be the leader of Super Villain Island. He will shrink us again somehow, and team up with Director D,the villains from super power island,El Mustachio,Holmes,Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Zeus,the Le’ Monte Writer,and the worst of all Evile and will do anything to stop us from growing.
    I say this because in the daily pop, it showed a giant clock, and a giant gumball machine. I hope it’s like this because that would be so cool!!!!!!!!!

      1. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but Dr. Cumulo Nimbus is less known, so may not be a “super” villain like the more big-name ones (Dr. Hare, for one).

  4. Poptropica is making islands each time better!! This island will be probaly my favorite. For other side, I wonder if they can do an Animal Island, a Science Island or even a Super Hero Island!!

      1. And also, Shrink Ray Island is based on science. It even has a science fair. Other islands have scientific elements too, like how Vampire’s Curse involves forming a cell.

      1. Yeah… who the heck is that in the newest PCB post, why is he so big (in more ways than one), and what is he doing “erasing” Dragon Cove?

    1. I just checked it out. My best guess is that it’s some kind of ‘event’ like the parties in club penguin, although I might not be right. But why didn’t you post about it? I tryed zooming in, and the guy in the picture looks like some kind of minion. Maybe it has to do with this villian island. Lastly, I’d reccomend you zoom in too.

    1. All the islands have a quest in them, some sort of major plot that you need to uncover… perhaps it’s a mini-quest, such as the Haunted House, which doesn’t have an actual “island” with a map.

  5. Explanation: legendary swords. the game never was finished. E. Viles coming to poptropica and joining forces with all major villians of poptropica, so they can take over and rule poptropica. Explanes dark look to posters

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