Lunar Colony Island

When the engines cough, and you blast off: Lunar Colony for members!

Remember to breathe because oxygen may be limited up there, but of course that’s all provided. Lunar Colony Island has been released to paid members of Poptropica, and everyone else can play a demo, but will have to wait three more weeks for their turn for the big adventure on September 6th.

The Poptropica Help Blog is working on a written walkthrough. In the meantime, our Lunar Colony Guide page does have a video from the YouTuber InsidersNetwork and is open for comment discussions where you can help each other out by asking and answering questions.

Have the time of your life in the greatest space journey ever, but come home safely!

Pinocchio on the PHC (another great place to get Poptropica help, by the way), who has already played through the new island twice, tells us that you’ll get to manually drive and land a spaceship, have an encounter with a moon rover, and be able to change your eye color (predicted here) and height from tall and small! There’s a lot to explore, so have fun! πŸ™‚

-slanted fish

12 thoughts on “When the engines cough, and you blast off: Lunar Colony for members!”

  1. WHY did you have to steal this video from insidersnetwork?! I am FURIOUS! Are you gonna go steal all the other videos now!? Is that what you’re gonna do now?!

    1. They didn’t steal it… They gave insidernetwork the credit for the video, so it’s not stealing, basically, it is just advertising them…

    2. As explained, we didn’t steal the video, and we gave credit. In fact, by posting it here, we’re also helping them get more views, so they benefit. For the last island, Graser also encouraged me to use his videos. You seem to be the only one “furious” about all this.

      The PHB does not make video walkthroughs because there are plenty of good ones already available (which we link to), but we do have written guides and we’re currently working on one for Lunar Colony.

  2. Hey, look, the Top 10 finishers of Lunar Colony is up. I think the creators should make a Top 10 list for non-members as well …

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