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Cover art for Poptropica book series

Muddy Axe previously told us about the possibility of more Poptropica books, including a Mad Libs book and Poptropica Lime 1 for ages 6-7. Now we see that there are going to be books based on Astro-Knights and Skullduggery Island, and what’s more, there is cover art for the two! Cool! 😀

Astro-Knights Island (Poptropica) by Tracey West

Skullduggery Island (Poptropica) by Adrianne Ambrose

Both paperbacks are illustrated by MadPark Design Inc., and currently available for pre-order through Barnes & Noble for $5.39 and Amazon for $5.99 (US). They will be released on November 8, 2012.

There’s not much information about the books, but they seem to be storybooks to tell the tale of those particularly long islands. 😛

There is also going to be an activity book called Pencil Warrior with no image available yet and the description is:

The Poptropica Field Guide to Creativity

This amazing full-color celebration of Poptropica-inspired creativity traverses the most popular Islands of Poptropica. Features 16 pages of adventure-filled activities and plenty of amazing extras.

EDIT: You can count on books than just these, because Muddy Axe tells us that Cryptids Island (Poptropica) by Max Brallier and Lunar Colony by Patrick Kinney will see the light of day in 2013. Notice that the authors’ names indicate that they are related to Poptropica publishers Jess Brallier and Jeff Kinney!

What do you think of these books and the other ones mentioned before? Think you’ll be buying any, maybe? 🙂

-slanted fish

p.s. I may be less active now that school has started, but will still be around.

18 thoughts on “Cover art for Poptropica book series”

  1. Thanks.� Maybe.� Can you help me do something on Astro Knights island?


    Slanted Fish: This is off topic here. There is a guide for Astro-Knights on this blog (here) you may find helpful.

  2. The cover artists are inaccurate – Poptropicans don’t wear shoes! 😛 Haha, it really doesn’t matter, but I just thought it was funny.

  3. Wow, Poptropica’s getting some publicity now, isn’t it?

    School doesn’t start for me until early-early September. However, I did end school near the end of June while some of you ended in May.

  4. School started today for me; I’ll be buying ’em if I have enough money.

    P.S.: current bucks, ZERO

  5. †ℌяεℯ2子3 ÅḲÅ ℜℯ∂ḟ☺ø☂ ƒ ℝ☤ṽℯя☾łαᾔ (Three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan) says:

    Oh cool! 😀 (Although you’d think the Creators would have enough money by now, with the Guide Book and memebrship and everything xD.) I probably wouldn’t buy them… Although there’s a slight possibly I might get one or two from the library (XP).

    P.S. Do you (or anyone else) know what kind of books they are? Like those kind of books where you get to pick what happens next (2 different choices, I mean) or just like walkthroughs?

    1. They didn’t give those details yet, but they are probably storybooks from the look of it. I don’t think they will be walkthroughs since they have a free mobile app for tutorials they wrote, as well as an official guide book. 🙂

      1. †ℌяεℯ2子3 ÅḲÅ ℜℯ∂ḟ☺ø☂ ƒ ℝ☤ṽℯя☾łαᾔ (Three273 AKA Redfoot of RiverClan) says:

        Okay thanks :3

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