Daily Pop, Sneak Peeks, Wimpy Boardwalk Island

Challenge Accepted

With Wimpy Boardwalk (PHB guide here) as Poptropica’s 28th island, the challenge is on to collect them all (island medallions, that is)! Have you completed all the islands? How many medallions do you have? And which islands did you enjoy the most? πŸ™‚

Ooh, shiny!

Speaking of islands, what do you think of the recent Daily Pop sneak peeks? It looks like there may be some interesting musical/space exploration in the future! These two pics below suggest there’s some old photos for the memories at PASE, which is the Poptropica Academy for Space Exploration, a parody of NASA.

What are your thoughts on this? πŸ˜€

Also, thanks to MT for the new Twisted Thicket themed PHB header!

7 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted”

  1. I’ve got 27 medallions, all except wimpy boardwalk cus I’m not a member. My favourite island was Mystery Train. As for the space island, I’m not sure. But isn’t the poptropican moon called pewter moon? Not ‘the moon’? Does poptropica have two moons? What is the difference between earth and poptropica? I’m confused. πŸ˜‰

    1. I have 27 medallions too, and also am not a member. My favorite island is probably Mythology… Or Astro-Knights. Or Steamworks… Oh, I liked Red Dragon Island and Cryptids Island quite a bit as well! Ah, so many islands… Anyways, yes, according to Astro-Knights Island, Poptropica’s moon is indeed called pewter moon, so…. Either Poptropica DOES have two moons or the creators need to work on their plot holes. And I like to think of Poptropica as some sort of parallel universe for Earth. Maybe that’s just me, I dunno…

  2. about the trailer idea, i posted to the people actually WRITING Poptropica and told them my idea which would be you might be up in space get hit my a meteor and then try to fix it yourself. so yeah.

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