Wimpy Boardwalk Island

Summer “Board”om?

Then “Walk” on over to Wimpy Boardwalk, because it is OUT…for members. (I’m bad at jokes huh? Points for effort? πŸ˜€ )

There is a demo out for non-members though. Once you land on the Boardwalk, talk to Greg. He’ll tell you how the game he’s playing, Himalayan Hurl is rigged. When he takes out his money, it flies away into the hands of two teenagers who run off with it. Follow Greg as he runs after them. Catch up with him at the Boardwalk Arcade and says the teens disappeared somewhere. Go right to the beach and talk to the guy selling Souvenir keychain photos. Tell him you don’t have any money and he’ll let you take a photo for free. (You get a photo for your photo album once you complete this action).Β  He gives you sunblock, which you’ll be able to use for this guy once the full island releases.

While you’re there, you’ll see a seagull carrying a keychain! Jump onto the trash can and whenΒ  the seagull passes over you, jump and get the keychain. See a striking resemblance to the guy with the metal detector? You can give it to him when the full island releases. Meanwhile, go back to the Boardwalk arcade and see Greg tell you that the kids are underneath the boardwalk taunting you with the money, like so:

If you try to go underneath the boardwalk, they run away with the money. So you’ll have to find a way to get the money without them running away. CUE END OF DEMO if you go to the beach or the Boardwalk Rides. But this place will play a role in your quest:

(Creds to Super Thunder for pics! πŸ˜‰ )


Wimpy Boardwalk Trivia!

1) There is a handheld laser gun in the common room! But you don’t get to keep it 😦 *sigh*

2) Your character getsΒ  to wear SHOES!

3) This is the first time the Creators’ have released an island out of the blue without a countdown.


The island will be released to everyone on July 18! At least it’s a shorter wait! πŸ™‚

Happy 4th of July for those in the US! And Happy Wednesday for those that aren’t!


16 thoughts on “Summer “Board”om?”

  1. yay, first comment! The Himalayan Hurl is tough, but I got through it! I think this island won’t take that long!

    1. how did you get past the Himalayan Hurl? Please answer! Which circle did you click on? Thanks so much!

      1. You need to get Rowley’s lucky rabbit foot at the bumper carts.

  2. I am so excited!
    It came out on the 4th of July here where I live.
    4th of July isn’t so exciting here though.

  3. Woah, creators. Give us a little warning next time, eh?

    Creators: Wimpy Boardwalk is coming soon!
    Us: OK we’ll wait for the countdown to begin.

    -NEXT DAY-

    Creators: Wimpy boardwalk is released for members!
    Us: What the heck?!

  4. I found a way to keep the laser gun in the laser tag common room!

    1. You must be a member.
    2. Enter the laser tag room and pick up the gun.
    3. Open the Costumizer on another player.
    4. Click “Save Look to Closet” in the upper right.
    5. Leave the laser tag room.
    6. Open Poptropica Friends and click on your closet.
    7. Click the one of your player holding the laser gun.
    8. Click on the gun.
    9. You now have the laser gun to take anywhere!

    Shaggy: That’s great! πŸ˜€

    1. Or you could do it this way. (Works for non-members and members)
      1. Go to Wimpy Boardwalk
      2. Enter the laser tag room
      3. Grab a laser gun
      4. Click on your Inventory
      5. Click on Store Items
      6. Chew and then Stop Chewing the Classic Flavor Popgum (If you don’t have it, you can buy it from the Poptropica Store for free)
      7. Lastly, visit to Haunted House Island. Ta-dah! You have the laser gun! (If you don’t have Haunted House, you can buy it from the Poptropica Store, which is also for FREE!)

      1. If you want to check me out on Poptropica Avatar Studio, here is my username: eddiehp

  5. hey guys (and girls), i found out how to keep the laser guns from wimpy boardwalk!

    1. go into the laser tag room.
    2. pick up the color gun u want (red or green) by clicking on the guns
    3. add the costume to ur costume closet (with the gun, of course)
    4. exit the room, and u will not b holding the gun anymore, BUT WAIT!
    5. re-customize the gun from ur closet and voila! you can now take the gun anywhere! (p.s my username is me10514 if u want to friend me) ;D

  6. Wait…
    A good news!!!
    I know you that the code is Applebees12.
    and you will see your charater standing.
    You must move your arrow at the top of
    your character.
    Now jump and before you will land press space-
    bar to activate the applebees to get an extra
    jump.(You can repeat it.)

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