Here I Am

Posted by: MT-? This can’t be!

But it happened. A month after my heartbreaking resign, Hijuyo invited me back to this wonderful blog to be a bonus author. I guess miracles really do happen! To refresh your memory about me, I’m a thirteen year-old mulatto boy from California who likes to listen to music and laugh at silly things. While I was gone, I was writing on a Poptropica blog I created calledΒ LegitPopΒ (updated daily).Β I made history I suppose coming back here, but y’know .. it be like that sometimes. So, I’ll be helping along some cool writers to provide the best of Poptropica news. Thanks Juyo for taking me back and I’ll try my hardest.

45 thoughts on “Here I Am”

      1. Rainbow Dash (Elmo) is a he. πŸ˜› I emailed him recently and he said he’d start posting next week.

        The regular PHB author limit is 7 but I made an exception for MT so he’s currently the 8th. Also, whoever resigns next doesn’t have to be replaced. πŸ™‚

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