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The Mystery of Zaggy Moondust

A new character named Zaggy Moondust was featured today on the Creators’ Blog, with the caption “Who is Zaggy Moondust? And what’s he got to do with Poptropica? Perhaps one day we will find out.”

The name does have that Poptropica feel to it, but it’s not one of the standard Poptropican names. It’s worth noting that it sounds like a spin on Ziggy Stardust, which was English musician David Bowie’s alter ego. Dressed like a pop/rock star, perhaps Zaggy Moondust is an idol for screaming fangirls.

The image shows both a boy and girl in the same Zaggy Moondust outfit, so which is it? However, the caption uses the pronoun “he,” which suggests that ZM is male. Perhaps it’s a costume that will be made available to both genders? Or is ZM a character with the ability to change genders?

Who do you think Zaggy Moondust is?

10 thoughts on “The Mystery of Zaggy Moondust”

  1. zaggy moondust sounds familar in poptropica, but I can’t put my foot on it! It sounded like this person I met in another game; hmmm. :s

  2. Maybe he will be a person on the space island that we’ve seen on the daily pop!

  3. Seems to me that poptropica will release a space themed island. Plus, the costumes look like what Micheal Jackson would wear or maybe even Lady Gaga πŸ˜‰

  4. I think that the poptropica creators are releasing a new island ,and the title says “he took it all to far”, clearly he or she has made a big impact on poptropica. I’m still not %100 sure that they are making a new island,but ask yourself this,why would they announce a new character if they are not making a new island?Then again,maybe a new team member got a job as one of the poptropica creators.

    So many questions but so little time……….

    1. hey look at this:
      Zaggy MOONdust
      both have something about MOON in their name

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