Poptropolis Games Island, Wimpy Boardwalk Island

What time is it? Summer time!

And on Poptropica, that means Wimpy Boardwalk island is in the works! Here’s a clip from the Creators showing a bit of their creative process.

Also, next Thursday, June 14, marks the grand opening of the Poptropolis Games for everyone! This means that there’s only one week left before the members-only bonus “Wrestling Gear” costume is no longer available! Its limited time ends after the early access period.

In other news, PHB author MT recently resigned from the blog for personal reasons. If you would like to say goodbye, click here to go to his farewell post.

We’ll miss you here, Tacoz.

3 thoughts on “What time is it? Summer time!”

    1. You can get the mouth from the guy with the beard that stands near Mew’s mansion on Cryptids Island, or you can get it from the woman in Scotland with the big glasses and poofy white hair (also from Cryptids Island).

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