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Dat Nose

About those noses.. thankfully, that was just an April Fool’s prank. 

This goofy prank, which probably scared most of you, is not a mandatory thing. In fact, you have the power to make it optional. These hideous fake noses could now be found in the store, so you could look silly the entire year – not just April 1st. That day is just an excuse to be prankful ( which is not a real word ).

What could the next April Fools prank be? Maybe we could have ears, or turn into super villains, or they make our Poptropican the opposite gender or something. Anyway it is, the Creators have proved that they still have their childish side.

By the way, if you want something funny to read, Party with Hobos is in the middle of its ninth season and so far it’s great!


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