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We’re in for some merchandise

Just of recent a few new products have apparently been released into Poptropica’s store. For all your viewing conveniences, it could be found here. They got everything Poptropica related for you die hard fans. Shirts, wall graphics, iPhone decorators. Name it, they got it.

These “few new products” include a multiplicity and assortment of posters. There’s only three made, but at least they got ’em so far.

Simple, slick, explainitive…perfect. A picture can explain a thousand words after all. First up we got our Island Map poster. Needed to know any of the island layouts? No prob, bro. This’ll get you up to date with everything. It’s got every island in order and up to exact date, large scaled print size, and some cool looking graphics. Next up we got the medallions. Shiny, gold, and up to date as well. Almost looks like some sorta trophy chest had it not been on printed paper. Finally we have a group pic of all the hotshot characters in the game. Captain Crawfish, Dr. Hare, you name it as well.

For each picture you can select between sizes. You either pick small, medium or large. Prices vary. Then you can choose what kind of paper you want it on – Value Poster Paper, Premium Canvas, etc. Again, prices will vary. You can also see snapshots/images of how this looks on your room framed and all. Lastly, you can even get it framed for a low low price of starting at 85.30 dollars. A little overboard, creators? This isn’t a Nobel Peace Prize xD.

Before I go, some of you may have lost me somewhere upon seeing the guy posting was titled “Rainbow Dash”. Yeah, sounds feminine, I know. That’s because on a quick other note before I end this post: yeah, I changed my name to Rainbow Dash. My old name was EP if some of you remember me posting. And I also changed my profile appearance picture to “Rainbow Dash” from The My Little Pony series. Shock. I know. And very bluntly, that’s because I’ve actually started watching the MLP: Friendship is Magic show. My first question is going to be probably this: why? I don’t know in truth, mainly because ponies are pretty epic, especially when they’re potrayed in some 7 year old’s cartoon. So I guess I’m just saying this to let you know basically that I got my identity and name changed on all my online users, that I won’t be online very much for the next few months mainly because of this and other things like MLP outside of this online community, and I’m most likely not going to be posting in awhile or never so often in truth. Just please don’t mistake me for a new author or something, since RD isn’t. So that’s it, my little note. Thanks for reading.  And before I go, just to put a little happiness and fun into everyone’s day, here’s a MLP gif from online

RD signing off, see you out there.



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  1. There is a new product! Visit the official Zazzle Website for complete details or search the stores near 44 Roosevelt Street Extension, New Haven, CT 06513 on Google Maps.

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