Why be a “Creator” when you could be a “Celebrity”?

Told you I’d be back.

Crowd (whispers): Wow, that’s a surprise.

Hey! I heard that!

Anyway, Legendary Swords is out in two days! I probably won’t have enough time to play it all of the way through but from the title and uber spectacular logo, it looks to be one of the best islands I’ve seen in a while.

Also, there’s a new creators blog post talking about the new “Celebrity Clips” you guys have been noticing lately. Here’s what good ol’ Captain C. had to say.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Celebrity Clips

Have you visited the Daily Pop lately? If not, you’re missing out on the latest and greatest Celebrity Clips!

We’ve asked our friends, including some of the best authors and illustrators around, to contribute original stories, essays, and artwork, which you’ll only see on Poptropica. And there’s a new one every week!

To see Celebrity Clips and all the other great stuff in the Daily Pop, visit Poptropica and click on the Daily Pop icon in the upper right hand part of your screen.

avatar image

Plus, as if there wasn’t allready enough awesomeness, 2 new Grim and Jake videos also release this week! Here’s a PHB exclusive sneak peak of what you’ might be seeing.
And yes, that’s a homemade creeper mask.

10 thoughts on “Why be a “Creator” when you could be a “Celebrity”?”

  1. The next item for the Poptropica Guide came out today. The Item is called “Poptropica “The Official Guide” Glasses”. They kinda make your poptropican look… er.. strange.. XD I wonder if there is going to be a whole Poptropica Guide Costume…

  2. Two things I am happy about,.

    1.Legendary swords is tomorrow.

    2. I know what the next island is, not because of the blog, by the info pages, it is… GHOST STORY ISLAND ! I went on the island tour homepage and saw it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hicoga: Grim and Jake didn’t make the list? 😦

  3. im sorry, how does this constitute as your infomation if you just copy it from the creators blog?

    Hijuyo: We already acknowledge that Poptropica isn’t ours. Therefore, any information on this site originates from the official site. What we do is add to it to make it more interesting.

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