Hey guys, yep, it’s me.



Hey there PHB brethernen!

Now you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been horribly inactive on this site lately. This doesn’t mean I don’t love poptropica or you guys any less. Well, not that I love you guys… some of you are dudes.

*awkward silence*

Anyway… my absence has been due to two main reasons. One, high school. Going into high school really changed my life because I need to make sure I get good grades to ensure myself a good future. I’ve been spending more time studying and less time on the computer because I know it will pay off later.

That doesn’t mean however, that I haven’t had any free time at all. But most of that time has been spent on projects with my friends. None of them really like poptropica at all. On thing thats thrown a lot of my time out the window is Grim and Jake. Yah, you remember that thing me and my friend announced a while back that was hoplessly delayed again, and again, and again? Well it hasn’t been forgotten but it has undergone some major changes. Instead of being a webseries, it will now be a collection of comedic short films ranging anywhere from exploding computers to manic world olympics.

 If you want to check it out you can always find us at youtube.com/grimandjake . I’ve told him that I want more time for poptropica stuff but he insists we get this done first, so we made a deal. If we get 30 subscribers or more by next Friday, I promise you fingers double crossed stamp my heart or whatever you crazy kids do to swear these days that I will do whatever in my power to post some poptropica stuff. Atleast once a week.

Well, I guess that’s all I really needed to say, just wanted make you sure you knew I was “still alive”.

20 thoughts on “Hey guys, yep, it’s me.”

  1. Aww, it’s okay Gee Ay! Ha, that rhymed.
    I haven’t seen you in FOREVER! Can there be another Author Night? I miss shooting rubber arrows at you. D:

    Anyway, whenever you have any free time that’s not consumed by projects, come to the PHC to shoot me with rubber arrows!
    *aims a rubber arrow @ GA*

  2. We’ll make sure you get suscribers! And plenty of them! 😉
    P.S. I never really liked you, but it’s for the good of the PHB.

      1. I’m IB, and, I can have plenty of reasons not to like her.
        Hicoga: I’m a guy. 😛

  3. LOL LOVED the portal video. I ❤ the game AND the song!!!! Good to have you back, by the way. Good luck in high school!!! 🙂

  4. very strange video… >-}o <— stick man!!!! doimond out!
    Hicoga: The song is from one of my favorite video games, Portal.

  5. I subscribed! I don’t actually, like put up videos, but kind of just go on YouTube a lot. And stuff. I didin’t even know I HAD signed up. That was weird. Anyway, you have an EPIC theme song!

  6. Go Portal! Have you played Portal 2? It is awesome! Sorry, I don’t have a Youtube account so I can’t subscribe, but if I did have one I would.

    Hicoga: Yes, I’ve played both of the games and love them both. 🙂 And making a YouTube account is quick and easy, just go to youtube.com and click on “create account”. It’s completely free. 😀

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