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What would be an exciting post had I a better knowledge of the internet, HTML codes and computers.

Hey guys, I tried to do something cool for this post but it didn’t work so I sadly give you a boring, plain post. 😦

Anyway, as many of you guessed in the comments of a post from earlier this week, Dr. Hare’s most recent travel was to Bogota, Colombia! The flag probably gave it away.

Where was Dr. Hare?

 On Monday, we asked you where Dr. Hare was spotted this time. Did you figure it out? Dr. Hare was in Bogotá, Colombia! Here’s another picture of Dr. Hare in Bogotá.

And you can always follow Dr. Hare’s progress on our interactive map.
He’s a real globe trotter! Where will Dr. Hare go next?

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bye everyone.


10 thoughts on “What would be an exciting post had I a better knowledge of the internet, HTML codes and computers.”

      1. No, it’s a ”Judy Moody: The Not Bummer Summer” ad, and you can find one on Time Tangled Island, and the prizes are a handheld basketball, a carnival outfit, and not a prize, but a costumizable costume that makes you wear a popcorn outfit, and you can’t find that costume in the store. You can also see Balloon Boy by jumping on top of the basketball hoops and walking to the left.

  1. I shall say 2 things. First, this blog has improved since the last time I visited this website and second, to stay on topic Dr. Hare, is standing in Bolivar Plaza.

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