Bonus Items, Mystery Train Island

Don’t miss your departure time!

Hey hey hey! It’s Friday, and Mystery Train has released to everyone! 😀

Go  ahead and play this mind-bending whodunit RIGHT NOW! YES NOW! (Since the starting scene is in DC with the Capitol Building in the background, I’ll provide a picture of the real Capitol Building when I went to DC about 5 or 6 months ago. The inside is amazing! I would tell all about it, but it’s off topic :P)


In other news,  a brand new toy floated into the Creators’ office! Can you guess what it is?

The inflatable Poptropica blimp is now going to be a toy, coming soon! 😀 It comes with a 3 inch navigator, which can be switched with other 3 inch figures. But it ALSO comes with a redeemable code to get and play an EXCLUSIVE NEW ADVENTURE ON POPTROPICA! Will this be an incentive for you to buy this brand new product? Stay tuned for its release! 🙂

Poptropica Blimp Toy Coming Soon

18 thoughts on “Don’t miss your departure time!”

  1. I don’t know how but i messed up on mystery train! …Ok maybe you can help me! I saw the coal stains and went to see the coal man and went into my inventory to see something then by mistake hit “use” the pencil and it worked and gave it to someone off screen and i got a sketch of Tesla’s cabin and then i went and found the juice stains and got the order pad but i don’t have the pencil so i can’t see what the orders are???? And now I’m stuck! What do i do???

    1. Yeah, maybe you should restart. That glitch happened to me when I was playing Mystery Train Island. I had to restart, but maybe there’s a glitch for undoing that glitch.

    2. used the pencil on the pad before I gave it to tesla, but still the pencil didn’t vanish from my items. maybe it was a glitch?

      1. I don’t like vampire diaries. I got doppleganger off the Simpsons, and Phineas and Ferb… And this weird book I once read….


      ST: I said Capitol, not White House. well, the floor is spotless, and there’s a lot of statues and people on tours. That’s an overview 😛

    (spoilers alert!)
    I can’t believe the villianess at the end tries to kill you by pushing a crate onto your platform! Okay, at first, i thought it would kill me, until it crushed the roof of the cabin…… But still, it was creepy….
    I liked the bit where you swing to save the transformer, then defeat the villain.
    But there’s on thing bothering me….. I wanted to see what coco, the little doggy in the cage in the second last cabin looked like. He’s probably a bloodhound, but for all we know, he’s cute fluffy cavielier spaniel!! 😀
    I thought it was a good island, although my internet explorer kept on going “not responding” so it took me over two hours to finish the island when it shoukld have taken me much less. [not to mention we had internet connection problems early that morning, and my sister wanted to renew her club penguin membership with her membership activation card, so I had to get THAT out the way as well but at least I finally got onto poptropica, that’s what counts. :mrgreen: ]

  3. Also…. No, I won’t be buying the blimp, but who knows, if it’s in Australia and my sister finds out about it, she’ll probably buy it. Hmm…. Maybe then I can persade her into using the exclusive game code in my account…………………. MUA HA HA HA HA!!!! JK, but still……………..

  4. I can’t believe I finished this island without a walkthrough, unlike quite a few of the other islands… Granted, it took me a while, but still… I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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