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Adventures go global

A day or so ago Dr. Hare posted a new post with another sneak peek picture to hint where he was. The hint was a kangaroo crossing… surely this could only be at one place where kangaroos are located – Australia! Here was the image posted some days ago:

Well, looks pretty happy, eh? Might as well give up on his evil schemes and enjoy himself around the world xD. Now’s it’s revealed that the evil genius was indeed in…drumroll…you guessed it…The North Pole…no? Just kidding, everyone. He was really in Bells Beach in Australia as revealed in today’s image.

And there he is clutching a leaf in his hand. I wonder how he got all over these places…and so fast…maybe the creators had people in different regions buy a toy and take a picture? Hmm. It is to be wondered.

Anyways, thinking about tracking all Dr. Hare’s travels? Well, the creators released a nifty tool that is to be updated on a basis. Here’s the map they gave for us. You can scroll around the map by moving your cursor. There will be carrot markings for each area he went. You can then click on the markings and location name to bring up a picture he took for that PCB post and also some blogging words from the evil bunny.

It can be viewed on this SWF link:

Pretty cool, huh? Well, EP out!

20 thoughts on “Adventures go global”

    1. There is a Miami based island called Mr. Yoshi Island! If you look in the newest Daily Pop, there is a sign next to a retirement community! The sign says “Welcome to Miami: home of $PIN FOR RIGHT$” The dollar signs are from a few Daily Pop’s back. That Daily Pop has a picture of a warehouse door with dollar signs around it, and a sign above the warehouse door saying: Mr. Yoshi’s REALLY TERRIFIC CHALLENGE! “Mr. Yoshi’s REALLY TERRIFIC CHALLENGE” is probably going to be at the boss part of the island, and you might be on stage, due to the barely visible judge booth and lights. The retirement community might be where you are going to be dropped off in your balloon. Also, I’m pretty sure the retirement community will be part of Mr. Yoshi Island, because a few Daily Pop’s back, the Creators did a first version on this that does not vary much, but has a lot more detail, and the captions say: Not a nursing home, It’s a retirement community! The retirement community overall is very refined and has the red-eyed person test dummy, so I think the retirement community will probably be part of Mr. Yoshi Island. A few Daily Pop’s back, you can see an egg hatching with a bar and dollar signs around it, which will probably be part of Mr. Yoshi’s REALLY TERRIFIC CHALLENGE! I think Mr. Yoshi Island will probably be the 22nd or 23rd island on Poptropica. If it is the 22nd island, expect for it to be released to non-members in early November, before the robot island is released. If it is the 23rd island, expect for it to be released in early January, after the robot island is released.

      1. doesn’t mr.yoshi sound japanese?

        It seems to follow the plot of robot revolution, money, gameshows, and some evil things

  1. YEAH! WHOO!!! GO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜€ XD :mrgreen:
    But wait- what creator lives in Australia?
    Also, Bells Beach is, according to Google maps, located in Victora.

  2. urgent update!
    You know the buttons in the top right corner of the game screen? Well, there’s a new one that just takes you directly to the store, but you can also view your stats there. it’s shaped like a green poptropica credit.

  3. Yet another urgent update!!!!!!
    They released the Nessie hat and Hypnotic costume for members at the poptropica store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I should also add that while you used to be able to get the hypnotic costume by going to the fourth story of the green poptropica towers building in early poptropica then going to the middle window (with the orange flower) and clicking on the top left square in the window, instead now when you do so the costume appears and says members only.
      BTW, I’ve also been seeing this music note followers. Any idea how to get them????

  4. The ‘leaf’ Dr Hare is holding is a wattle leaf, somewhat of an emblem for us Australians. The Kangaroo and the emu are holding wattle leaves in the Aussie emblem. and @ Mstorm’s first comment, Victoria is an Australian state, like Texas is an american state. So there is some trivia for non-australians.

  5. “(Note that on a WordPress blog, you will need a plugin like Kimli Flash Embed to properly display the map.)”

    Just in case you didn’t see ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Actually, I met Dr. Hare quite recently and he said he would be travelling down to Victoria. Glad to see he’s taken more photos for his album. He’s a very misunderstood rabbit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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