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The next superstar: Fierce Moon!

The creators are very eager and zealous to continue this new series it seems. I’d have to say, NICE IDEA, creators. They’re starting to recognize VIP players and top gamers in the world of Poptropica. The new PCB post is all about the newest Superstar.

Say hello to Fierce Moon!

She’s completed 19 out of the 20 islands – all except Red Dragon Island. Get out there and FINISH IT, Fierce Moon! It says in the new superstars post that it she’s also completed all the miniquests including Haunted House, Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab, etc. Work hard to beat everything, Fierce Moon. Have fun being recognized as a star. 😀

Also, Hijuyo recognized that yesterday’s superstar, Grumpy Icicle, is a PHB reader. He even commented on the post! According to several comments from PHB readers on this post, Fierce Moon runs the Poptropica fansite known as PoptropicaSecrets. (The original PCB post referenced with the phrase “Poptropica secrets.”) So if you’re reading this, FM, we wish you a big congrats!

64 thoughts on “The next superstar: Fierce Moon!”

  1. Fierce Moon is a she by the way 😉 she also has her own blog. Visit here:

    Hijuyo: I noticed the Creators used the phrase “Poptropica secrets” in their post, maybe as a reference, but as I said to Brave Tomato, there’s no Fierce Moon on the website shown.

  2. Fierce Moon is Poptropica Secrets! The girl who created !

    Hijuyo: I just searched “Fierce Moon” on the site and got no results. However, there is someone called “Strange Moon” who had a very similar outfit. I don’t know whether they’re the same person though.

    1. They’re not the same person, but they work on the same blog:
      Fierce Moon calls herself Poptropica Secrets, not her Poptropican name.

      Hijuyo: It could be possible, but since she doesn’t go by Fierce Moon on her website, it’s not fully confirmed. It also seems that “Strange Moon” and “Fierce Moon” look alike on Poptropica. You could still be right though.

      1. look on poptropica secrets now read the new post they made!!

        Hijuyo: A little late, but it does prove it true. That’s really cool. 🙂

  3. Way to go Fierce Moon!!! Ps: Nice post,but you accidentally wrote he’s instead of she’s(she has eyebrows on her) 😀

    Hijuyo: I fixed it for Elmo. 😛

    1. Gee, thanks Hijuyo. Man that was so embarassing xD. Anyways, a lot of these stars are on the web with poptropicasecrets and stuff (which i think was a reference in the post) so yeah.

  4. No, Poptropicasecrets IS Fierce Moon. I’ve looked we up on Facebook, and she’s shown her picture several times on Just trust us. We’re positive. Go on Facebook and search Felicia Moon if you don’t believe me.

    1. I just wanted to make sure, since there are some holes in the theory (but you might be right). The shiny pop star costume “Felicia Moon” wears was available in the Poptropica Store for a limited time, so anyone could be wearing it. Also, though Fierce/Strange Moon are supposedly different people, they do seem to have that same costume.

      1. now we know that the crreators watch the poptropicasecrets.

        Hijuyo: If Fierce Moon really is PoptropicaSecrets, then that could be true.

    2. I don’t have facebook. Not because my parents wouldn’t let me, but because I don’t want to be on facebook. Social networking sites? Yawn. Bo-ring. Plus I’ved heard WAY too many tragic facebook inccidents. My own best friend got her account hacked by a girl thought to be her friend blackmailed some boy at school.
      Now, what I’m wanting to know is how they pick you out to be a Poptropica Superstar.
      I beat every island except Shrink ray [beat Mythology twice], I beat earth day minigame three times, I beat Dr. Hare’s secret lab four times, and I beat Haunted house a few times, before it mysteriously disappered from my inventary for some weird reason.
      So, does this mean I possibly have a shot at being a Poptropica superstar? I sure hope it ain’t members-only! 😀
      BTW, where’d friece moon get that golden popstar outfit? It looks so cool!

      1. A Facebook account is usually only hacked into if the owner was careless (eg. had an easy password, let someone else use their computer when they were logged in, etc). Social networking is the way most people connect these days, but I guess it’s not for everybody. As for the gold popstar outfit, it was available for a limited time in the Poptropica Store.

  5. you made a misprint. you put ” It says in the new superstars post THAT IT HE’S also completed all the miniquests including Haunted House, Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab, etc”

    Hijuyo: EP (who wrote the article) thought Fierce Moon was a he. I fixed it.

      1. But if I were a girl, I would buy this sparkly yellow clothing. Where did she get it?

  6. Where did Fierce Moon [aka popsecrets=username] get her gold popstar oufit?! it is sooooo cool! my username is cupcakewars711 and i am dizzy peanut on poptropica…. FRIEND ME!

    1. HIYA SIS! I already added fierce moon [popsecrets]. And you too. BTW peeps, my user name is cupcakegirlie12 SO ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTYL, LOVE YOU SIS!

  7. ATTENTION ALL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! IF U R A GIRL POPTROPICAN GIVE ME UR USERNAME!!!!!!!!!! I NEED 2 ADD U 2 MY FRIEND LIST!!! even though i have over 750 friends, i want more!!!!! If u want to friend me my username is cupcakewars711 BTW Fierce Moons username is popsecrets ! If u want 2 take her outfit it doesnt work…. i tried….

    1. a) my username is daphne2016, and b), there’s a glitch that lets you customize it all!! Try the Cheat Codes page in “Cool Stuff”. Hope this helped!

      1. wow, i added u and u look just like Fierce Moon! i think i will try that cheat!

      2. thing 1, i added u did u add me? and what is ur name and age? My name is Reyna Marisa Delgado but call me marisa… i am inthe 4th grade and i am 10……. u might be surprised because i think all people on this website is like teenagers or something. everyone except my sister maya…. she is a crazy 11 year old who is 6th grade.

      3. a) I added u, b) i probably shouldnt tell u my name (heard it from internet safety in ict) and c) i am a crazy 11 year old 6th grader who LOVES Poptropica.

      4. my sister is also a crazy 11 year old and goes to RMS and i go 2 MM. she plays field hockey and plays trumpet. i play the flute even though i am not really a girly type of girl.and me and my sister are also Poptropica Nerds!

      5. I go to MMS. 6th graders can’t do ANYTHING and… and… 😥 POPTROPICA IS BLOCKED ON THE SCHOOL’S COMPUTER SYSTEM!!! Yep, true story.


      1. yeah….. How old r u thing one? i think i like u! i will add u 2 my friend list on poptropica.

      2. cool! i just turned 10 on January 10th! my username is cupcakewars711 because i like to bake and stuff…

      3. When I created daphne2016, I loved the Sisters Grimm. One of my many characters, and one of the most advanced in islands and costumes.

      4. thats cool but have no idea what the Sisters Grimm is! is it s book series or something? if it is i will read it i am a BOOKWORM!

      5. It’s really good. Google it! Oh, also try the Poptropica book series. So far, they have Astro-Knights and Skullduggery. Cryptids and Lunar Colony are coming soon, though!

  9. when will we be able to play night watch island!? i just finished zomberry island and now i have 17 medallions.

    Slanted Fish: Night Watch Island is already out for members and will open to all on March 14, 2013.

  10. Hi, my name is Bridgett. I’ve had a poptropica for a LONG time, but just moved to California and joined this website. My username is adventuretimefreak64. Add me!!!!


    2. Hi Bridgett! its me again…. I JUST ADDED U AND U KINDA LOOK LIKE ME!!! WE BOTH HAVE WHISKERS AND THE PINK MUSIC T SHIRT! I SWEAR, I DIDNT COUSTIMIZE IT! i love music… and i play the flute but i am not a girly type of girl sooo its weird… maya plays the trumpet..Do u play an instrument?

  11. Hi! i will add u! i LOVE ADVENTURETIME AND MARCELINE! BTW Maya is my sister… i am 10 yrs old and my name is Marisa! my username for poptropica is cupcakewars711 because i love baking and stuff… add me!

  12. well i completed all the islands so i should actually be the superstar i completed all the mini quests and know all the poptropica secrets so i should be the superstar people go check itout i am not lying!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. im even better 🙂
      battle rank-3.6

      and this is my record
      pathwise-2 wins and 7 losses.OOOOOH ya better play that with me
      soupwords-24 wins and 1 loss.
      balloons-15 wins and 6 losses
      starlink-5 wins and 4 losses
      paint war 9 wins and losses
      hoops-45 wins and 10 losses
      skydive-41 wins and 9 losses
      soduku-4 wins and 0 losses

      password-no no no no i do not want you to hack into it 🙄

  13. Hi people i’m Messy Feather!My username is rondel10.I finished 15 islands so I have 15 medallions.Incase you see this fierce moon.Buddy me!I can teach you how to complete the red dragon island!

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