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I wanna be a star too :D

The creators have started a whole new series on the PCB. Remember snapshot sagas? It’s almost just like that except that they don’t just go to random players. They actually look at your record and select top players from Poptropica.ย Players familiar with snapshot sagas will probably be drawn into this as well.

The new series is called Poptropica Superstars! They select top players that are totally into the game, and then mention them into a new post. Todays superstar is…*drumroll*….Grumpy Icicle!

Poptropica Superstars: Grumpy Icicle

Millions and millions of kids love Poptropica, and we love you all right back. That’s why, all this week, we’re going to showcase some of our most dedicated players right here in the creators’ blog. Say hello to the first Poptropica Superstar, Grumpy Icicle!

Grumpy Icicle has beaten 18 of the 20 Poptropica Islands, including the toughest one, Astro-Knights. He was number 1 on our list of the first 10 Poptropicans to finish Cryptids Island, and he just missed appearing on the list of the first 10 to finish Shrink Ray Island. Grumpy Icicle was number 11.

Whoah. Top finisher on one island is pretty amazing. Top finisher on two islands? You’d have to be pretty big of a fan to do that. These people work fast :D. He’s completed 18 out of 20 of the series of islands. Job well done, Grumpy Icicle. You’re a true star!

Well, 6 more days until I get back to good old US. EP out!

EDIT: Just wanted to add that we’re honored to say that Grumpy Icicle is one of our many PHB readers, and he has commented on this blog a couple times. His username is Xalevoid, and you can look him upย on the Avatar Studio for proof. If you’re reading this, G.I., the PHB says congratulations! ๐Ÿ˜€ ~Hijuyo

25 thoughts on “I wanna be a star too :D”

    1. Me 2!!!! Hopefully, the creators will put up people who aren’t just members or I won’t make it on. Ps: Fast Singer is the poptropican I want to be a SuperStar

  1. Actually, I beat 20 islands. The reason it says 18 is because of island replay.

    Also, thanks for the complements.

      1. Yeah, totally worth all those “what next” moments I had. Hope to see you up there as well.

      1. If he was first, he would’ve had to do it in less than an hour.

        Also, on an unrelated note, I finished Lunar Colony in 2 hours, but I wasn’t on the top ten list. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ …Oh, I know! I’ll ask Poptropica to go into my records to see where I stood on Lunar Colony!

  2. I have a feeling that the creators will pit up only the poptropicans who had made it onto the top ten list. ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Ive beaten 17 out of 20 islands Dont have membership so didnt do…
    Cryptdis Island
    Red Dragon (wouldnt let me climb tree)

    Hijuyo: You don’t need membership to do any of those islands. As for Red Dragon, you need to get the tire from the backyard to help you climb the tree. Refer to our guide for more details.

  4. Im not a star im not a great big shining star ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Because im not a member…

    Hijuyo: Nobody said you had to be a member to shine! Nonmembers can be superstars too.

    1. Yeah. But on Club Penguin they treat non-members like they’re dust. They just go, “Oh don’t even care about that. Just let it pile up.” And that’s exactly what the non-members will do if they don’t treat them better.
      Sorry about the other website.

  5. Good job Grumpy Icicle! You are great on poptropica!Can you believe you are now famous like the creators, legoless, or the other poptropica superstars? I hope that you do as good in school, too. You are awesome.


  6. I finally have a 4 star rank on poptropica! Beat 16 islands, but I did them a bit late….. so I probably won’t be there. And great job Grumpy Icicle!

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