Shrink Ray Island

July 28: The Day You Get Your “Shrink Spurt”

Hahaha, kids getting their growth spurt, and now a shrink spurt, get it? Got it? Good.

Moving on… the day your Poptropican turns miniature (if it hasn’t already) will be the day Shrink Ray Island releases to the public! And that day is…

July 28th!

That’s about two weeks away from now. Not to worry, the PHB already has our Shrink Ray island resources up and ready on our Island Help page, which links to our written walkthrough guide with Shrink Ray Island cheats, a labeledΒ map, video playlist tutorial, and if you’re still stuck, an ever-helpful discussion page!

In other news, thanks to PHB reader Angry Wing we have learned the names of some more Poptropica Creators – Cara Campanelli, who handles customer support, and Kevin McGrath, who used to work as Poptropica’s customer support. And thanks to Crazy Thunder, who gave us the identity of Jon Pitcher, alias Master Mime, and John “J.T.” Gallant, an intern at Poptropica. You can check out all this and more on our Poptropica Creators’ Database.

Until next time!

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