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Call me Elmo…ElmoPwns

Hello everyone, I’m the new author here, Elmopwns! Yes, I know it’s a very strange name. Some of you might even be questioning my sanity as of now ;). But I’m just here to help out with the Poptropica Help Blog. Thankyou sooooooo much to Hijuyo that invited me here. This is like a dream to me! Thankyou! I cannot say that enough! I’ll be doing my part to help out with updates and such here, bringing the latest news to everyone on this beloved blog!

A little about me: I’m in middle school, fun yet busy years. I love in the West Coast of America, and like Hijuyo, I have one hundred percent faith in God(Christianity) :). I have my own blog called The Poptropica Project. Butย  I think the phb is BY FAR THE GREATEST ONE OUT THERE. It gained more recognition and status inย three yearsย then most blogs do in a lifetime. My parents are entreprenuers, it means they created their own companies. They created money managing sites called bundled.com. I’m mainly into classical books as of reading, but I do read some comics like Calvin and Hobbes once in awhile. As of music…I’d have to say MJ songs are what I’m into…mainly any type of pop. You can contact me at [email protected]. Just please don’t spam my inbox repeatedly.ย Thanks.ย Thanks for reading this everyone. You’re the best poptropica community in de WORLD…hopefully you haven’t questioned my sanity yet…:)

Elmopwns out!

*dissapears in a poof of smoke!*


12 thoughts on “Call me Elmo…ElmoPwns”

  1. Welcome to the PHB, ElmoPwns. Don’t worry, we’re all a little bit insane here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Haven’t checked into this blog in like forevah.

    Anywayz, nice to hear a new author coming thru…
    Psst: Don’t count on being insane too much, we all are!

    Throws Cheescake confetti at ElmoPwnz

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