You don’t want to misplay the Shrink Ray!

I know, I know, Red Dragon Island was only just released to the public a day before this major announcement. But to cut the suspense short, here it is, the name of the next big (or was it shrunk to small?) island…

Shrink Ray Island!

If you try visiting its island page, you may have noticed that it has changed in format! Whereas there used to just be a graphic, there are now links to other island pages, merchandise, and membership. You know what else this means? Early Poptropica Island finally has its own description! My how Poptropica’s growing up. :,D

You can also find some sneak peek images above the island description, which by the way, reads this:

A young genius has invented a ray gun that shrinks anything it touches – including you! But when the scientist and her invention go missing, you’ll have to keep the shrink ray from falling into the wrong hands, and find a way to bring yourself back to normal size. To solve a problem this big, you’ve got to think small!

Sounds interesting! What do you think of Shrink Ray Island so far? 🙂


30 thoughts on “You don’t want to misplay the Shrink Ray!

  1. Bony Raptor says:

    I saw this island coming, as I’m sure a bunch of others did, too. The sneak peaks were pretty obvious! It still looks cool, though!

    The island I’m really looking forward to is the one after this. It almost looks like a second Astro Knights… …With the space scenes and cybotic enemies. (sneak peak images from a few weeks back)

    • magicbones/storm says:

      You do have a point there. I mentioned in a comment weeks ago thta i thought an island like this was coming. looks exciting!!

  2. elmopwns says:

    Hello. It’s elmopwns here. I can’t wait for this new island XD. Yes!The waits are getting shorter! I remember how me and my friends in 4th grade waited like 3 months for time tangled.

    • theflamebringer says:

      He he, I’m with ya there. except I was in the third grade 😀 Haha it’s funny to be a poptropica veteran and look back at it…

    • awesomecandy says:

      well when poptropica first came out they would’t even tell you when the island was gonna come out. Thats why when shark tooth came out it was a suprise

  3. magicbones/storm says:

    There’s a new sneak peek game for Shrink ray island. it’s called shrink shot. In it, you get shot out of a cannon and by hitting objects, arrows and bonuses, you earn points. With the points, you can upgrade to better gear. With better gear, the further you’ll go. if you manage to hit special opjects, you win cool stuff. members get the last three upgrades plus a special bonus snow globe item, which during the game you can still hit if your a non-member, but you don’t win the prize. Also there are veicles such as a plane and a car which make you go further. It’s really fun.
    I’m only a non-member, but my highest score was 212237. Any non-members who can beat that?

    • Max says:

      And, about the mambers-only prize in the snow globe, it makes your poptropican sparkle. Personally, I think it’s nice.

    • Wild Kid aka Suri Spellriver aka Magyk says:

      The secret prizes are really cool, i’ve gotten purple gum, a shrink ray island ballooon, a soda bottle, a hard helmet, and this weird beach ball type suit thing.

    • Fearless Cheetah says:

      I’m a non-member too and my highest score was 213220. It took forever, though. Going in the plane is really fun!

  4. Fearless Cheetah says:

    Shrink Ray Island looks so cool! And the shrink shot game is really fun… Has anyone gotten the grand prize yet? What does it do?

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