Hellos & Goodbyes

I’ll be back. Not really.

As from the title above, someone is leaving. That’s me. I’m leaving mainly because of school, and the reason I want to make more videos. Plus, I don’t want to have some stress in my life on how long I have gone without posting. Very short, I know. I won’t make a list oof people who helped me on this path, but I will write a short poem.

I was at the bottom of a hill,

A hiker then said,

“Here’s a chance to have an expedition.”

And then I accepted.

I had misconceptions

With my fellow friend (s)

But after a good hike

This adventure must end

And now to fly away into the majestic double rainbow of truth and justice. Goodbye my friends. *flies away on a unicorn*


19 thoughts on “I’ll be back. Not really.”

  1. Aww I always loved your fantasy endings in which u fly away on something or the other!!!
    Sorry to see you leave!!!

  2. Noooo. EL, we’ll always miss you at the PHB….
    No one else to be nomned by CC 30
    No one else to break silences in postings
    No one else to.. to….to… to make the PHB even epicer…

    So sad to see you leave, EL 😦

  3. Aww, we’ll miss you at the PHB, EL. 😦 But I’m glad you’ve had a good hike and best of luck with all your other adventures!

  4. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

    Gosh, I nearly broke into tears. We’ll miss you always.

  5. EL the times I visited the PHB and I looked at the posts i found yours most entertaining. Things will be different without u. Good luck! ;-(

  6. I wrote a speech for EL….

    EL,if you’re reading this comment,I want you to know that everyone across the globe will miss you.To the peaks of the world’s tallest mountains,to valleys as flat as blankets,everyone will wish you the best of luck as you leave the PHB and move on to a separate life.All of us are glad you’ve had a good hike,and hope the adventures never end in our hearts and in our minds.Goodbye,EL.We will ALL miss you. 😦

  7. Oh, EL (what does that stand for again..???) we will miss you OH so MUCH!

    Hijuyo: Enclosed Lightning. :3

    1. in case you didnt know i was being sarcastic. i didnt even know that he/she was an author here till he/she left…haha oh well room for new peoplez ! (:

      Hijuyo: That… doesn’t really add up, but I was just answering your ‘sarcastic’ question earlier.

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