Burn Out Bright: Commemorating a Loved Costume

To commemorate the departure of the Rock Star costumes from the Poptropica Store for both male and female musicians, The Intertwined band will be guest-starring in this post to play “Burn Out Bright” from alternative rock band Switchfoot! Sing along!

Hijuyo: So you guys may have seen the warning from Black Widow on the PCB… time is running out before the Rock Star officially disappears from the Poptropica Store!

*band plays*

Alpha:Β If we’ve only got one try…
Mara: If we’ve only got one life…
CyberTron: If time was never on our side…
iDGpops: Then before I die..
Theflamebringer: I want to burn out bright!!

*band bows and shuffles offstage*

These epic costumes will be missed, so get ’em now while you can! Note that they now cost 100 credits, instead of the usual 75. If you want to see more of the Intertwined, check out the band’s blog and their music page!

"Burn Out Bright" lyrics belong to Switchfoot.

8 thoughts on “Burn Out Bright: Commemorating a Loved Costume”

  1. WHY do they get rid of it? For what reason? WHY? Because they want a surge of people buying credits to get the now more expensive coustumes. 😑

    Also, does this mean rock star 2 will be deleted as well?

  2. Hey- News Update from Neat Turtle!!!! 4 NEW ad’s are now released πŸ™‚ One is Bambi, where you watch a video and receive a Bambi follower.

    The 2nd one is ‘Mars needs Moms’, ANOTHER upcoming movie. You go through a maze and find the ‘hidden’ door at the bottom of the maze. You’ll see it for sure, Its not hard. Just avoid the falling rocks. They give you plenty of lives, as If you were to get hit by a rock. Your prizes for completing the task are 2 prizes- A ray gun that shoots sprinkes, and some Goggles or something like that.

    The other is for an upcoming movie, called ‘HOP’ from the creators of ‘Despicable Me’.The goal is completing the 3 challenges you will find in the factory-Dog Dodging, where you dodge all the dogs and get to the Bunny at the very end. A good tip for Dog Doging is doing it on Super Power or Early Poptropica so you can fly your way through πŸ™‚ Another is Egg Balance, where It is much like that one game on the Daily Pop, Balance. You try too keep the spoon in place without the egg tipping over, while avoiding the obstacles for 30 seconds… For a tip, stay near the bottom because when I do it that way, I never get hit, because the 30 seconds are up by the time one is even near you.The last one is The Candy Sorter, where a candy will be shown on the screen on the machine. You have to get that candy. You will do this for about 20 seconds I think it is.You must avoid getting a different candy other then what is on the machine, otherwise you must start over! Your prize is a Piece of Candy, and an Original HOP Activity Sheet.

    There is also a Mars needs Moms Video where if you watch it, you get a Twocat follower.

    Feel free to use this and add Pic’s and Vids, but I want credit πŸ™‚ Thank you!!

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