Daily Pop

To the stars if you really want it

Joe: Got a jetpack with your name on it! πŸ˜€
Hijuyo: …and WHO, may I ask, are YOU?
Joe: Uh, thought you might like to interview someone else for a change. The next Captain Crawfish in the family line told me to sub in for him. I’m a rocketeer with my own UFO and game named after myself. Not bad if I do say so myself.
Hijuyo: You mean we don’t get to eat anyone today? Aw. Well then, what’s the news now?
Joe: I’ll show you. C’mon, here we go.. come with me..
Hijuyo: Wait, wait, hold on. Where are we even going?! How can you see if your eyes are closed? What does this have to do with anything? I ain’t never been to space before–
Joe: Hold my hand if you feelin’ scared. There’s a world out there that we should see. Let’s fly.
<HJY and J board a UFO>

UFO Joe a-go-go

up, up here we go, go…

[above the clouds and the atmosphere]
Hijuyo: How’d we get up here?
Joe: Where we go, we don’t need roads. And where we stop, nobody knows.
Hijuyo: You mean we’re lost? Where we at?
Joe: Only few have known. We’re on some next level – Super Mario.
Hijuyo: So we’re talking about games now. Is that it?
Joe: Actually, yeah, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I thought I’d bring to your attention that the competition for the game UFO Joe on the Daily Pop is getting pretty heated up. Check it.

I'm a rocketeer!

Joe: Calm Star currently holds top score for both the day and week right now with 38,180 points, but if you thought that was something, take a look at this guy – Purple Ant’s on top for the month with 50,800. There’s only a couple days left in January if you want to catch up to that – just a challenge for you rocketeers.
Hijuyo: It’s on!
Well then, I hope this works out – cardio. Until then, we’re flyin’ up, up outta here.

[Song used:] Rocketeer – Far East Movement

20 thoughts on “To the stars if you really want it”

  1. Awesome post. Hey, Joe, go get that guy who you’re subbing for, please. I’m huuungry!
    Joe: Hungry? Uhhhh….
    Joe: *cowers* Yes ma’am! *runs*
    Time passes….
    Joe: *Runs up with Captain Crawfish*
    Me: Thank you! Come on, PHB, LET’S EAT! Nomnom. Just save me that tail I love tails.

  2. No crawfish? Awwww that ain’t fair :(. Hope someone beats the score before the end of the month. I’ll try too, I guess. Good post hi.Juyo and good luck!

    1. OMG You have a point Barefoot Raptor he is a bit purple LOL. Not as close to purple but it’s sort of a pinkish

      1. He hasn’t breathed in a long time. DUH.
        (Oh and PS, I love adventure time TOOO! :D)

  3. Don’t worry Cowboy’s & Cowgirl’s! Fresh Crawfish straight from the ocean!

    * Gives Crawfish for everyone *

    Good news! Eat up all yow Fishies!

    Wild West Island is open for a SNEAK PREVIEW ONLY. You just gotta round up three catle and get a loada new prizes! Members get an awsome new Cowboy/Girl

    Outfit to wear! Non-Members can get quite sweet prizes to!

    SilverRock! πŸ™‚

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