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News from the Daily P(r)OPhet! No… fine.

“What’s happenin’, guys! So most of you guys are saying Hogwarts is being ruled by Severus Poptropica’s down. Well, it’s back up! And with….” ~EL

The Daily Pop, a new edition to Poptropica.

Loud Shark made a video exploring this new exciting feature:

They even changed Poptropica itself by added a new Tab bar and a great new homepage.

Here is a guide to the new Tab bar.

If you click on the Daily Pop you will get to Poptropica’s newest “newspaper of sorts”.

There are three sections in the Daily Pop. There are Comics, Games, and Sneak peaks.


In this section you can look at comics such as one’s like Big Nate and Peanuts. But also others ones that are new to Poptropica, sure to induce your daily pop of laughter (See what I did there? ;-)).


These are not you normal Poptropica games, in fact, you don’t even use your poptropican to play them. Many of you are familiar with the popular online game site, well, all the games are from that site. Sure to induce your daily pop of.. uh. games.. (Yah, that’s getting old.)


This should come in handy a lot in the future. Check out the sneak peak pictures they have on right now! There’s a dude with an iPhone! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Yup, the best item ever. Believe it.)

“wOOt! Yeah! Go down now and read it! Also, not Poptropica-related, but you guys saw the new harry potter movie?! Me too! Whatever… Poptropica time. 5 stars to whoever thinks the comics are BIG NATE. *wink* Cio!” ~EL



~GA, EL, and HJY

36 thoughts on “News from the Daily P(r)OPhet! No… fine.”

    1. Hey, what web site do you go to???? To get to that pic??? plz tell me i want to know!!!!!! so i can look at the stuff there!!!!! Thanks, plz tell me!!!!!

      – watches til aaronhui777600 replys to me and tells me!!!! –

  1. WIERDEST THING JUST HAPPENED TO ME! I was in the store looking at the rediculously expensive stuff when I just clicked on the atom power thing and pressed use. Suddenly I had it! Tried this with spooky bubble gum too.AND I have no membership whatsoever


      GA: Jaredcast and Loud Shark are the same person. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. EL did your birthday suit shirt get replaced with the kung fu shirt too? I’m going to complain about this >:(. Not a complete special edition birthday suit.

    GA: That poptropican is me cause I made the picture. x]

  3. Omg the new ad (for girls, O’m one, idk about guys) is Barbie Glam Pups or some crud like that. All u do is dress up a puppy. U get a puppy to hold(!!!!!) and a cute pink outfit(!!!!if u like pink). It’s super easy. Oh, and you can click on the shirt and dress up yourself like barbie’s out fit and hair. It won’t let you do the headband or face. That’s all!

  4. OMG, I DIDN’T SEE THE MOVIE, BUT I SOOOOOOOOO WANT TO!!! I’VE READ THE ENTIRE SERIES, (only once . . . One of my friends read it 20 times) AND I AM A TOTAL HARRY POTTER NERD/FANTARD!!! (that’s a combination of the words “fanatic” and “retard”) And nice title. In your post, why did you say Severus instead of Snape? I mean, I know that’s his first name, but J.K. Rowling usually referred to him as Snape. Oh, yeah, the Daily Pop. It’s cool!


    P.S. Did you know that the J.K. in J.K. Rowling stands for Joanne Kathleen?

  5. You see, you go to (any number from 0 to 230).swf. That will be all the items from all of the islands! Go to 2001 to 3000 and those are all the ad items that you get for rewards. From 1001 to 1016 its all the medallions. That is the creators files. There is only one item that is done for Cryptids Island because 230 is the only item FOR Cryptids Island! If you go to 231 there is no 231!

  6. BTW on Snowline 2, I have a high score for today for now. (aka little boot(a character i got from the loyalty contest i think) Most of the games are boring and uneducational! The creators are going of the wall with all these new games(Poptropica is supposed to be educational!).

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