Halloween Costume Contest Finalists: Revealed!!

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From October 3-9, 2010; the Poptropica Help Blog’s Second Annual Halloween Costume Contest allowed Halloween enthusiasts from all over Poptropica came to submit their Poptropica Halloween costumes in the hopes of winning some awesome prizes.

The week after that, the judges – Enclosed Lightning, Hijuyo, Zey-shomi, and Shaggy Tornado – collaborated together to decide on the top ten finalists. Believe us, that wasn’t easy. We were blown away by the large numbers (exceeding way over our 10 finalists limit!) of costumes that were really, really good.

However, we promised the PHB readers that we’d have a poll for them to choose from 10 contest finalists, so we knew we had to drop out some of the costumes that probably also deserved to be finalists. After much debate, we have narrowed it down to…




  • theme: Vampire pirate (“Vampirate”)
  • screen name: Bony Laser
  • contestant: Bony Laser




  • theme: Fiery demon
  • screen name: Invisible Sky
  • contestant: Maximum Ride


  • theme: Reptile alien
  • screen name: Comical Lightning
  • contestant: ?


  • theme: Detective
  • screen name: Happy Kid
  • contestant: Anton


  • theme: Hellboy
  • screen name: Super Dragon
  • contestant: SUPER DRAGON


  • theme: Robot pumpkin
  • screen name: Bronze Moon
  • contestant: Explorer Bronze


  • theme: Purple pirate

  • screen name: Incredible Monster
  • contestant: ☾❀яανєη¢ℓαωgυяℓ~aνєℓιηa❀☽


  • theme: Emily from Corpse Bride
  • screen name: Invisible Skull
  • contestant: мσσηץ


  • theme: Elder soldier
  • screen name: Bronze Rider
  • contestant: Golden Rider


  • theme: Monster
  • screen name: Angry Wing
  • contestant: Angry Wing

^On the sidebar of our blog – and also of this post – you should find a poll where you can select up to 3 of your favorite costumes to vote for. Pictures are included with captions of each finalist’s username for your convenience. You can click on them to enlarge the image. Additionally, as a reward for these Poptropicans who put so much effort into creating these Halloween costumes, they will also be displayed on our Costumes page.

The poll results and prize winners (3) will be announced on HALLOWEEN!

73 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Contest Finalists: Revealed!!”

  1. I WON SECOND PLACE :O I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Thank you! I never expected to win. AND THATS AN AWESOME COSTUME! Are some of those parts from the removed Monster Carnival?

    Just to get this straight, are you sending it to the email I use with my comments?

    Hijuyo: Yup, and we’ll be emailing it to the email address you use in your comments. 😀

    1. Oh, and you can’t get, like, banned from going on someone elses account, right? Because most games that have accounts if you go on an account (which, of course, is called hacking) that someone from a different IP adress made you could possibly get banned.

      Im going to have to prevent the temptation to mess up the awesome super rare costume. I always have the temptation to mess stuff up >.< THANKS AGAIN FOR PICKING ME 😀 (even if it was random)

      Hijuyo: I haven’t heard of Poptropica accounts being banned for that, since you could also be logging in to the same account on multiple computers at different times. 😛

      1. @Hijuyo Yeah, I use Mozilla and I go on tons of accounts at all the same time.
        @Bendy Bug CONGRADULATIONS!!! Your realllllyyy lucky! 🙂

      2. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

        I don’t think either, because I played my account on my aunt’s computer and I didn’t get banned.

  2. How am I not on the finalists? I used the gold robot costume and everything! :C

    Hijuyo: I’ve given it some more thought, and I’ve decided to add you as a finalist. Your costume does deserve it, so congrats! 🙂 (to everyone else: I won’t be making further changes to the poll, I promise.)

    1. Hah. I bet you just wanted me to stop whining. But thanks much!

      Hijuyo: Nah… your costume’s good. 🙂

    1. Even though I didn’t make the cut, thank you for complimenting me Hijuyo. I feel great after all this optimism. And Moony, would tell me how to make that outfit? It should win first prize.

  3. Awww……… I entered the contest and im not on the poll.

    Hijuyo: That’s okay, you can still vote for others! Thanks for participating.

  4. is this the halloween costume contest?

    Hijuyo: The poll is for the Halloween contest. The costume prizes go to the winners of the PHB’s Loyalty Giveaway, which was held on our 2nd anniversary.

  5. Anton220 isnt even dressed up, she just looks like an average person!!!!

    Hijuyo: Anton220 is dressed as a detective. Remember, costumes should be creative, but not necessarily scary. Your goblin costume was awesome, but you changed it before you were supposed to, so you couldn’t be entered as a finalist.

  6. OMGGGGG!!!!! I HOPE I WIN!!!! THX YOU GUYS!!! :”””D I’m crying with excitement and other random feelings…lol

  7. Darn, I didn’t win. I bet is was because I changed my costume at the last second, eh?

    Nice Job everyone….I supoose.

    Hijuyo: You DID become a finalist. You entered the competition as Colin1259, which is on the poll. 😐

    1. Oh sorry. And you know that this is the right email address on this comment right, the other was for commenting right?

      Anyway, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I became a finalist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys.

      Hijuyo: Yup, congrats! 🙂

      1. I still can’t believe I became a finalist all these years ago. I don’t win anything but this is probably the biggest honor on this blog.

  8. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

    Wait, since I’m not a finalist (I’m sorry I’m a tad bit sad) can I change my players clothes now? I wanna submit a Rapunzel costume for the costumes page, yet I’m in the contest.

    Hijuyo: Yes, you may change your costume if you aren’t a finalist, but we recommend keeping it for the Halloween spirit. It’s up to you though. 😛

    1. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

      I think I’ll just put on a different costume, then I’ll have a costume and be in the halloween spirit. 😉 You guys are awesome!

    1. Ehem, sorry to burst your bubble, but you only got in as a finalist.There’s a posibility you couldn’t win.But you could. 😉

      Hijuyo: Actually, he won a prize in the PHB Loyalty Giveaway. I originally put that with this Halloween contest post, but separated it later to avoid confusion. 😛

      1. Lol! I think you should put a note on this post so future commenters won’t get confused. Like me XDDD

  9. Awwww I’m sooo sad
    I didn’t get to be a finalist I never get to be good at anything 😦 😦

    Hijuyo: That doesn’t mean you’re not good at anything. By saying that, you’re implying that the costume contest = everything, which isn’t true. 😐

  10. I posted my costume, but none of the judges commented on it. 😐

    Hijuyo: We never guaranteed any response, but we did look over every costume, so you weren’t ignored.

  11. Thank you! My poptropican is awesome! I didn’t have enough time for the costume contest but the username is AgentX? .

  12. heh all these coustumes are epic and deserved to win! Congratulations everyone and better luck to those who didn’t win. There wasn’t a bad costume in the pile! 😀

  13. How did you guys get only one leg?

    Hijuyo: It seems to be a glitch that can be performed by putting Captain Crawfish’s pegleg on, then wearing other pants.

  14. Mine sucked, then.

    Hijuyo: More than the 10 chosen costumes rocked. Just because you didn’t make it as a finalist doesn’t mean we didn’t like your costume.

  15. Sorry if i’m a little bitter for not being a finalist, but the only ones I liked were by ForceCrystal, Doglover49, and Moony*. I didn’t expect the others to be finalist. Good luck to my favs. 🙂

  16. WOW! These are some nice costumes! Congratulations to everyone who made it! Great job judging, Hijuyo!! 😀

  17. By the way, I just wanted to tell everyone who cares that I started screaming when you complimented my outfit, Hijuyo. Doing contested are fun. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t win, but judging you guys costumes on comments was even better.

  18. Thanks anyone who votes for me. I am so lucky to be up there. I saw plenty of costumes better than mine that aren’t on that poll. I hope people like my monster combo.

  19. Any chance last years winning costumes will get on the costumes page? My winning account still has the same outfit as it did when I entered it, besides a gun change. I don’t really care though. It doesn’t matter to me.

    Oh, and BTW, NEW COSTUMES OUT IN THE STORE! Looks like they used monster carnival parts in there…

    Hijuyo: Sorry, I didn’t save pics of last year’s costumes, but you can submit a costume to the Costumes page by giving us the link to an image of it. 🙂

  20. hey i thought i did pretty good my random ness i could have added my atomic powers
    anyway CONGRATZ for the vedio can u give us a hint on what it is

    Hijuyo: Enclosed Lightning is in charge of the secret video prizes, and he has so far chosen not to reveal anything yet.

  21. Moony changed her costume on the avatar studio. just fyi

    Hijuyo: That’s fine; we just said costumes had to be intact for judging (which is now over). We have pictures of the costumes submitted by the finalists for people to vote on.

  22. I’m so gonna vogue for sleigh…or the first one…or the third one…wait….it’s getting kinda hard to decide!!! Must…come…to….a conclusion!

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