Lucy: no match for Pair of Kings

Over on Great Pumpkin Island, one of the girls from the Peanuts gang – Lucy van Pelt – has decided to come join the scene… but she’s standing away from the others, complaining to anyone who will listen about how her brother Linus is ruining her reputation.

Meanwhile, if you talk to the boys, Charlie admits that he kind of admires Linus for standing up for what he believes in – the Great Pumpkin – while Linus himself is feeling more and more certain that this coming Halloween, the Great Pumpkin will be choosing this very pumpkin patch. 😛

In other news, older players currently have access to a new advertisement game themed on Pair of Kings, a Disney XD show. The objective is to make it through a cave maze and eventually reach the two kidnapped kings, who are stuck inside a cage.

Upon rescuing them, you will be awarded a Pair of Kings Outfit and Volcano Totem (which rains down volcanic rocks when used!). If you need help, check out Loud Shark’s video walkthrough below:

The PHB doesn’t just rock…

it boulders. 🙂


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