The Creators and Coffee: A Bad Mix


Hey guys! The Creators have been posting a lot recently (wonder who slipped the sugar into their tanks…) and their most recent post is BEEEELOOOOWW:

Greetings, Poptropica fans!
Recently, the creators of Poptropica learned of an
exciting new development: Next week, a special
guest is coming to Poptropica!He’s well known to many of you
(especially those of you who like to laugh)
for his hilarious adventures, not to mention his loony
friends and family.
Let’s be sure to welcome him when he arrives.
Expect more information on Monday, Poptropicans.
You won’t want to miss this!

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Not to ruin the surprise (._.), but it’s obviously…Greg Heffley, from the extremely popular comic-book series “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. Perhaps he’ll make a guest appearance in an Advertisement of some sort? Questions, questions!

Are you a fan of vampires? We’ve got a whole new set of vampire looks just waiting to be costumized. Check them out in the Poptropica store!

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Yaay..totally (not) awesome…vampires. (._.)



84 thoughts on “The Creators and Coffee: A Bad Mix”

  1. Yay! im happy about this even though i dont have any wimpy kid books or saw the movie i think its a great series for pre-teens and younger.

    Ps Im happy 2 hear bout steamworks coming out but wondering where on the map it will be and this is Black Widow’s 1st post on the PCB. Also
    Black Widow could be Jennifer Wood, Jess M. Brallier or a creator could have 2 different people posting.

  2. Hooray!! A new creator to the blog! 😀 Anywayz I think there will be an ad or something… :/

  3. Finally, there’s a girl character on the Creator’s Blog. 😀 I think it might be Jennifer Wood. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Diary of a wimpy kid costume in the store? 😀

  4. Man, you guys are good! To me it looked like the top of some purple animated characters eye! But whats with the purple background? Is there a new book coming out?

    1. Yes, it’s the 5th and final book. It’s going to be called: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: My Last Year. And it’s going to be purple. 😉

      1. I hate Twilight myself, though I have to say the costumes are quite nice… Try Vampire 1’s clothes with Vampire 2’s hair. Anyway, I bet they got inspiration (or money) from Twilight.

      2. Ya I’m pretty sure it’s Twilight 😐 And I think the boys should get some boys only costumes! Seriously the girls get so many more costumes! How is that fair?

      3. im so not a fan uv twilight… and seriously, they should have done greg’s actor from the movie… we would have a bit harder time guessing and that gives us a bit more suprise… and what up with only 1 boy costume? my bro is so mad that us girls get 3.

    1. I KNEW twilight would eventually come up here. If they bring that junk into Poptropica, I’m gonna stop playing!

      1. Hey guys i am posting comments again! I really think ppl should stop talking about *cough* twilight *cough* if they bring that stuff in poptropica i will stop playing too!

    2. Happy Sponge:Im pretty sure there’s more girls than boys out there that like *icky* not a fan, but i might get #3 vampire costume, for the hair xD

  5. I like the hair and sunglasses on Girl Vampire 2. (Not that I like Twilight, though.) BTW, the Black Widow is my favorite creator. I think she didn’t start posting until today, because there’s already a creator for Counterfeit Island (Master Mime). Maybe she’s suddenly one because they’re won’t be one for Steamworks.

    1. Actually…the Black Widow only started posting since there was a comment on the PHB that there are no girls on the PCB…looks like they take advice!

  6. Um, just so you know, there’s a new post on the pcb.
    It’s titled “The Hub of the Universe”, but the picture looks almost EXACTLY like “Details, Details”. The only differences: No red marks, and no Poptropican.
    See for yourself: Details, Details The Hub of The Universe

    Do you notice any other differences? If you do, reply please.

      1. so true….. but if u must know it is a young adult vampire romance novel,…ew…( lol got the definition from potter puppet pals snapes diary on youtube, its hilarious XD)

  7. Can’t wait for Diary of a Wimpy Kid!! P.S I know the creators can’t say the name “Twilight” but just a message to them: Everyone knows they are talking about Twilight!

  8. i ahve 2 things to say

    1.Not fair girls get 3 vampires boys only get one!

    2.Coderkid it wont let me do anything on the PHF i dont no how to get to the thread

  9. Silverstar: I think so. The creators usually make costumes and stuff 4 important events (fireworks 4 4th July, Soccer outfit 4 world cup etc.) so these must b 4 the twilight craze O_o

  10. O, guys did ya know Jeff Kinney ( auther of diary of a wimpy kid!) is a poptropica creator, so that could have somethin’ 2 do with Greg visiting poptropica… O_o

  11. i think it’s like the Albert Einstein thing….
    you know the one with the book.We have to read a comic and a wimpy kid costume.

  12. I liked the books of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but the movie was just terrible. And vampires?- come on. 😛 LAME! Poptropica has been infected! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. OMG the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is AWESOME!

    And Vamps Rule!

    Now THIS is what Iv’e been waiting for!

  14. I now have a bad feeling they’re going to do something with Justin Bieber next…… I’M SCARED!

    1. I would just be scared if u got, like, a diaper or something for his song ‘Baby’. LOL. No offence to any beliebers out there. 😀

      1. o_O……………………… I can imagine a costume of Beiber with a microphone… o_O…………. scary thoughts…

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