Hellos & Goodbyes

Shaggy Tornado is in the PHB House!!!

Hey guys! Its Shaggy Tornado. I’m the PHB’s newest author! 😀 You can call me ST, Shaggy, or whatever else you can think of. 😀

I have to thank Hijuyo for all of this! THX so much Juyo!!!! xD

I’m a 13 year old boy who lives in sunny California in the USA.  I love reading, playing Poptropica of course xD, playing ma DSi, and surfing the internet. I love taking vacations a lot cause it’s fun to see new places and take pictures! :). I also have a PHF account and a Facebook account. Music interests are Owl City and Allstar Weekend 😀

So I hope you guys can welcome me to the PHB and catch ya on the flip side! (Quote from a DS game xD)

-Shaggy Tornado

54 thoughts on “Shaggy Tornado is in the PHB House!!!”

    1. I think you’ll become great friends with the other authors Shaggy! I think you’ll become great friends with all of the commentors too! Me too!

  1. YEY ST IS AN AUTHOR! You really deserved it! Oh did yu forget I was your eating buddeh? -Eats ST- Have a great time ST!

  2. that’s cool! my music intrests are mainly christian punk and alternative with a dash of electronic rock on top. oh yeah

  3. Harrumph! You also want the 39 clues as well! And I don’t think Natalie and Ian are evil, just Isabel. why are you blaming them?

  4. OMG! A LUCIAN!! RUN, EKATS!! DON’T BELIEVE HIM!!! Oh, wait… He’s not a Kabra. Phew. We’re safe. shaggytornado, have you ever met Isabel K? A & D C. did… And it almost cost them everything… Welcome to the PHB, shaggytornado! 😀

    (P.S. I don’t have a wordpress account! Boo-Hoo!)

  5. how many 39 clues books have u read? i read them all, Ekats are the best!

    Shaggy Tornado: I read them all! I cant wait for the next one! 😀 If you go to the39clues.com/thetruth you can read an excerpt 😀

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