Finnmona and Brookezus

During your current adventures in Poptropica, you might find two more new advertisement buildings that you can try your hand at to get fabulous prizes!


The snacks that smile back have been all sucked up a vacuum cleaner! It’s your job to rescue them all by going through a maze trying to find doors that cage your cheesy friends within the two-minute time limit. Clicking on the keypads starts a short video that you have sit through. (You’ll shortly realize how thirty seconds can feel like an hour.) After the video finishes, you are given a numeric code that you must punch into the keypad. Pressing the big red button finally lifts the door; you can then run up to the Goldfish as it jumps up to your screen happily. You repeat this for all five Goldfish, and you’re set! Just be wary of any incoming metal rock thingies trying to hinder your path to success. All in a day’s work! Also, if you have some sort of object that enables you to fly, use it by all means! It’ll definitely make your journey much smoother.

lol, paradox

For all of your good deeds, you receive a ‘Goldfish Outfit’ and a ‘Goldfish Stalker Follower’! I am sporting the two in the above picture. But if you’re like me, you don’t want to sit through multiple monotonous clips just to get a code. Luckily, the codes are the same for everyone. So, I can just list the codes right here:

  1. Xtreme (orange, excited face) – 53279
  2. Brooke (light yellow, female) – 34418
  3. Swimmington (orange, smug face) – 54234
  4. Finn (yellow, sunglasses) – 89721
  5. Gilbert (brown, salt on body) – 73592

Ramona and Beezus:

The movie starring Joey King and Selena Gomez has been made into an advertisement building to spread the word for its premiere on July 23rd. Ramona wants you to help her paint her mural. You must completely breathe color into her painting in ONE MINUTE, or else you fail. You must never fail Ramona. To succeed, you have to constantly make sure you have lots of paint to brush all over her picture. What I did was just charge until my paint gauge was full and just scrub with my mouse as fast as I could in horizontal strokes. You will be rewarded with a ‘Magic Paintbrush’ once you complete her task. If you are stationed near a fellow Poptropican and you press the space bar, you will paint them a new color!

I made the Goldfish guy gold. There's probably a really cheesy (HA!) pun I could make about this; I just don't know what.

EDIT: Special thanks to captain_t3chn0 and Loud Shark on the Poptropica Help Chat for informing me about other ways to have fun with your Magic Paintbrush!

A. Pictured here is what appears to be Hercules un-becoming (is that a word?) a statue. All you have to do is wave your brush in front of him, and he just suddenly jumps out of his inanimate counterpart. Now he can have his statue and his moving limbs! That’s like hitting two clones of Hermes with one stone.

B. You can paint the cat. Have I mentioned that your magical paintbrush also paints the subject’s eyes? ANIMAL ABUSE!

C. You can paint the dummies. What’s interesting is that if you paint one of the dummies it will also paint the other dummies simultaneously. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

ALSO, for anybody who’s having a hard time finding these ads, I personally found the Goldfish ad on Shark Tooth Island and the Ramona and Beezus ad on Early Poptropica Island. If you can’t find them here, I recommend searching across the other islands’ respective Main Streets.


46 thoughts on “Finnmona and Brookezus”

  1. Are you sure its not a stalker instead of a follower ๐Ÿ˜›

    Ill try to find these ad’s later

  2. When I was in the Goldfish advert there was a glitch. The code didn’t appear and it wouldn’t count down. It was stuck at twenty.

  3. 1st Comment! The Ramona thing was easy! The Goldfish one was a little harder, though. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Neat… I think I’ll enjoy the Ramona ad… what island(s) is it on? Are there specific ages? The goldfish ad was a little annoying, because the videos looked lame (luckily, no sound on the computer I was playing on). That’s about it.

  5. Weirdly, i won both those ads by glitches O_o

    Goldfish: i was jumping and i got 3 fishes
    R&B: the paint meter never went down from full

  6. i cant get in the beezus ad!!!!!!!! it was wierd on goldfish. i was juumping and fell inside one of the prison chamber thing i got the fish, but i had to get the code to get OUT! how lame is that!

  7. Yeah, like IkeWB said, PLEASE don’t keep saying “first comment” The actual first comment didn’t even say that โ— And what is the age range for the Ramona and Beezus ad, anyway โ“

  8. And, also, it’s so uncool how you can’t costumize either Ramona or Beezus’s costumes. WHY CAN’T WE? I feel like emailing the creators about it. We couldn’t do it in the Despicable Me ad, either!

  9. I believe you can fly only in Early Poptropica [jet pack] and Super Power [flying power]. Is there any other way of flying outside these islands?

    Hijuyo: At this time, no there isn’t.

  10. Finnmona and Brookezus? That’s a funny name. I’ll bet they’ll make an ad with that name about two mermaid sisters. LOL. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  11. When you turn one of those girls on the beach at mythology island a color all of the other ones ( apart from Aphrodite ) do what those dummies at superpower island do

  12. OMG, Poptropica does Ramona? What does you look like in Poptropican form? As you can see, Poptropica and Ramona are my favorite things EVA!

  13. About the goldfish game, if you accidentally click the wrong number, how do you enter the right number without restarting the whole game? I tried pressing backspace but that took me back to the Poptropica Log-In screen and now I have to do the whole thing over again…

  14. Hey Smockers, I found another fun way with your paint brush! First, go to Spy Island and go to one the people who eventually get their hair zapped and use the brush on them. Then you’ll magically paint their hair back!(Their ‘once zapped’ hair returns). However, they keeps on yapping on about how their “hair” is “gone”

  15. LOL, Shiny Hippo! I did that, and when I clicked on the lady, she said, “Ah, what happened to my hair?” :/

  16. I got two! Ok, on Super Power Island If you paint the man on the Daily Paper building, he’ll stand up, same with the spies on Spy Island. And if you paint the working guys on 24 Carrot, they’ll stop working! I’m going to keep this Paintbrush!

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