Despicable Medusa

There’s two new advertisement buildings on Poptropica:

Despicable Me

Despicable Me:
In this new Despicable Me ad about the upcoming movie, your task is to find the 10 missiles, defeat Vector’s plane by shooting at it while avoiding its green shrink ray, and then you win the prizes.

Once that’s done, you’ll receive your very own ‘Despicable Me Minion Outfit’ and ‘Shrink Ray Gun’!


  • Check out Loud Shark’s Poptropica blog – just click here. The images from this PHB post are from his website! Give it a visit! (:
  • For something random, click here! It’s an item SWF from the official Poptropica website of an unreleased thing – something that looks like a cross between a wristwatch and paint palette.

/end commercial

Medusa's evil eyes :O

Percy Jackson:
There’s also an ad for the PJ series, where you’ll meet Percy, Medusa, and Zeus in Poptropica!

  • Tip: It would be easier to do this ad quest on Super Power Island, if you are able to fly. This will make it easier to escape Medusa’s stone glare.
  • At the end, you’ll earn “Zeus’ Armor” and “Zeus’ Lightning Bolt”! Great for adventuring on Mythology Island!

Hey big boy! 😀


47 thoughts on “Despicable Medusa

  1. Bendy Bug says:

    Are these ads age based? Cuz I can’t find the Percy Jackson ad anywhere, and that sucks, CUZ PERCY JACKSON IS MY FAV BOOK SERIES.

  2. Red Gamer says:

    That watch thing is an SWF from Counterfeit island. It was an item that was taken off or replaced with another idea. I saw it on one of your older posts about counterfeit island SWF codes.

  3. Madpad99 says:

    I cant find the Percy Jackson Ad anywhere at all and its my fav series and the movie is really really really good and i really want to do it but as i said before i cant find it

    • Wild Kid says:

      I can’t find it anywhere ethier!!!It’s my favorite series,(im starting to think the ad is onl for boys.)I’m still looking for the ad :P.

  4. QueenTutankhamun says:

    I’ve found that I can’t find any ads lately for some reason. Apparently, if you’ve been playing Poptropica for a while, you can’t get access to a whole lot of ads. Also, the Percy Jackson series is one of my favourites too, but I hate how different the movie is from the book. They’ve sompletely forgotten the plot of the series!

    • alyssa the vampire says:

      Yeah, I hated the movie too. It was NOTHING like the book. I don’t like how I can’t find amazing ads anymore. That one for girls with all of the mix-and-match outfits was pretty lame since I don’t care about appearances. Some of the ads aren’t fun anymore.

      • ☮Αυθδξα☮ says:

        I totally agree. Btw, I have been on Pop. ever since It started and weirdly enough I’ve gotten all the ads (on various accounts but I have) and have never come across a PJ ad…But interestingly enough I found the Despicable me one…Btw, The books seem better because you read the book first. (I’m not disagreeing, the movie does suck) And they cut alot out… I def like the books better…. Btw the next movie is coming out soon!!!(Percy Jackson)Did you know Emily Osment will probally be playing Thalia??!!??!
        (Her hair was Punk style in the pic I saw, so it is fairly reasonable)

    • Bendy Bug says:

      I know. Ive been having that problem too (but its only some ads, not all.) Ive been playing Poptropica since a little while after the first island came out, and I cant find the Percy Jackson ad anywhere. But I made a new poptropican with the same age as my poptropican, and I found the ad on Mythology island. Why is that?

  5. Popular Cloud says:

    Hey! For those of you who don’t know:

    There is a new poll on the Creator’s Blog and it’s to find out what everyone’s favorite island is. So far, Skullduggery and Mythology are winning. Mythology is down by 2% with 64% and Skullduggery is in the lead with 66%. They even included the Haunted House. On the poll, Big Nate is in last place with 12%.

  6. Happy Fang says:

    the ads are age 10…
    percy jackson,on Early poptropica,super power
    despicable me,skullduggery
    I recommend make a new account to see the ads

  7. Golden Rider says:

    I think I found the age for the ads. Like I said, maybe but I don’t have all of it worked out.

    Percy Jackson- ages 6-8.
    Despicable Me- ages 9-12.

    I hope this helps you. I tried my best.

    ~Golden Rider- God of Poptropican Islands- Captain Rider of the Narrator- Servent to God

    • ☮Αυθδξα☮ says:

      Uhhhhhhhhh This makes absolutley NO SENSE! My Pop’s age is 13 and I found despicable me…not PJ though.Btw, why don’t the creators make it so that everyone is informed that on a certain date a new ad will come up and not have age limits or gender variations on ads!!!!???
      This is Athena/Neat Turtle/Artemis/Persephone And I approve of this Message.

      Hijuyo: Age/gender limits on ads are so that the Creators can target the ad at a group who may be more interested. For example, a 6-year-old is more likely to be interested in Barbie dolls than a 15-year-old. Usually.

  8. Gentle Lion says:

    I believe that the YOUNGER players get to play the Percy Jackson ad. Which I found weird because who knows a 5 year old who reads Percy Jackson?! 😦

  9. slyfox says:

    the despicable me game is for all kids, any age and it’s on all islands for girls, and early, shark, time, carrot and trade for boys.

    PJ is for boys 6-11 and on all the other islands…

  10. Wild Kid says:

    Uhhhh, i did something very very very strange. I shrunk Dr.Spyglass with my shrink ray.(Is that even possible?Im not sure. But hes tiny.):P

  11. Tom says:

    Dear wild kid its realy cool to shrink people in the game just press spacebar like other stuff!!! P.S. the kids in the house are really tiny!!!!!!

  12. Ocean Clover says:

    I have something to say, but it’s kinda off topic.
    On the PJ&O ad, I made a boy account and completed it. Then I tried randomizing it into a girl, but here’s the thing: it only randomized into boys, no matter how many time I tried! So, the creator’s half-fixed the randomizer glitch! (But you can still change your outfit and stuff with it; ya just can’t change genders.)

  13. Jenny says:

    Despicable Medusa? That’s a funny name. I’ll bet they’ll make an ad with that name about Medusa trying to turn minions to stone. LOL. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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